The Art And Theology Of Children's Sermons
Richard J. Coleman

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ISBN: 078801949X
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 162
When was the last time you took a moment to consider the purpose and effectiveness of your children's sermons? After all, nothing is more important than sowing the seeds of faith early in life. In this comprehensive look at all aspects of preaching the gospel to young people, Richard Coleman challenges you to examine your approach with a critical eye and gives you plenty of practical guidance for developing simple, direct messages that help children form a relationship with Jesus Christ.

In the first section of Gospel-Telling, Coleman discusses what constitutes meaningful children's sermons, offering a thoughtful rationale for the idea that we must proclaim the gospel so youngsters experience God's love. You'll learn how you can mine your own experience for inspiration and proclaim gospel stories that flow from your specific circumstances. Then in the second portion of the book you'll see this process at work, with over 30 examples illustrating several different types of children's sermons.

Whether you're a pastor, Christian educator, or engaged in the teaching ministry, you're sure to profit from the practical advice and in-depth reflection in these pages. With Gospel-Telling, you'll be equipped to share with young people the Good News -- with creativity and theological integrity.

Gospel-Telling is an enriching book that treats children with the spiritual respect they deserve. Richard Coleman understands the transformative language of children -- play and metaphor -- and shows how our weekly children's sermons can reach the heart of the child and not simply the mind of the adult. This is a must-have resource for educators and pastors alike.
Mickie O'Donnell
Executive Director, Children's Ministries of America

Richard Coleman understands the core of the biblical message as well as the learning processes of children, and puts them together in theory and practice. This is a valuable treatment of a too long neglected topic.
Rev. Ray Kostulias
Pastor, First Congregational Church
Park Ridge, New Jersey
Author of Character Witness and I Witness

Richard J. Coleman has served as the teaching minister of a university church, the pastor of a small-town congregation, and the director of an interdenominational inner-city Christian center. He has published children's sermons, leadership training articles, and seasonal devotionals, as well as books on the dialogue between science and theology and the dialogue between Evangelicals and Liberals. Coleman is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Princeton Theological Seminary.