Psalms Of Comfort
Psalms Of Comfort
Barbara Jurgensen

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ISBN: 0788023357
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 34
We all must cope with life's trials and tribulations -- and there's no greater source for the comfort and support we need than the book of Psalms. Not only can the Psalms help us make it through difficult times, but they can also help us become stronger in our faith and in our ability to face each new day and its problems.

Combining brief scripture excerpts with prayerful reflections, the uplifting meditations in Psalms of Comfort provide wisdom and sustenance for dealing with life's struggles. Whether you're facing serious illness, risky surgery, the death of a loved one, a faltering marriage, the betrayal of a friend you trusted, the wrongdoing of others (or yourself), or the stark reality of our eventual departure from this earth, Jesus reaches out his loving arms and says, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

Comforting words from the Psalms, with short prayers that translate comfort into hope. A useful resource in counseling and pastoral care.
H. George Anderson
Presiding Bishop Emeritus, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

I have been comforted, strengthened, and inspired by the writings of Barbara Jurgensen for more than thirty years. This collection will touch the hearts of all who love Jesus and who seek his presence in the midst of pain or distress. Psalms of Comfort is a divine gift to the poor in spirit, leading the anxious and the suffering into the love of God, where their wounds will find healing and their despair will turn to hope.
Mark Allan Powell
Professor of New Testament, Trinity Lutheran Seminary

Psalms of Comfort speaks to the heart. For pastors and chaplains it offers a beautiful way to begin prayers and devotions with patients and their families.
Delores Heidt, OSB
Chaplain, Trinity Health
Minot, North Dakota

Tough times, burdened hearts, loneliness, grief, and guilt can visit us. A word of hope to see us through can be found in this much-needed collection. Let Psalms of Comfort speak to you.
Jesse L. Wood
Assistant Pastor, Metropolitan Baptist Church
Washington, D.C.

Every human life is touched by loss and grief. This book will be a valuable resource for those who are troubled.
Otto Dreydoppel, Jr.
Professor of Church History, Moravian Theological Seminary

Barbara Jurgensen, the author of 16 books, is a retired pastor and professor who taught for many years at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, Ohio.