How To Talk About Money Every Sunday
Without Talking About Money
Leon Collier

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ISBN: 0788023438
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 16

Here's an innovative way to instill in your congregation the vital importance of generous giving - without having to directly make financial pleas! With this collection of brief offering sentences touching on the themes of giving, offering, and sacrifice, each week your parishioners will read and hear what scripture says about this important topic. It's a practical worship resource that effectively, yet inoffensively, promotes truly biblical stewardship.

Stewardship is far more than a fundraising campaign conducted once a year in local churches. It is a way of living in response to God's grace and claim on our lives. Stewardship requires persistent formation and continual growth in faith and practice by individuals and congregations. Regular participation in practices and liturgies that ground stewardship in God's lavish grace and radical claim on our lives affects more than the offering plate. Such participation transforms lives and communities.

How To Talk About Money Every Sunday provides pastors and congregations with a simple and effective tool for forming individuals and churches as stewards of God's abundant gifts. By grounding the weekly offering in scripture and liturgy, more than the offerings increase. People are sensitized, motivated, and challenged to grow in their faith and generosity.

Kenneth L. Carder
Bishop, Mississippi Conference
United Methodist Church

Leon Collier
is currently the pastor of Canton United Methodist Church in Canton, Mississippi. He is a graduate of Criswell College, Dallas Bible College, and Memphis Theological Seminary.