Companion to the Psalter
A Brief Introduction and Devotional Guide to the Psalms
Robert G. Beckstrand

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ISBN: 0788024647
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 328
The Psalms are an essential element of corporate worship and devotional life -- but Robert Beckstrand believes that many Christians would profit immensely by spending more time with these ancient hymns and the deep well of comfort and wisdom they contain. Indeed, the Psalms are a marvelous spiritual resource through which the Holy Spirit
* teaches us how to pray,
* leads us to repentance,
* anchors us in both realism and hope,
* reveals the reality of exuberant joy in the Lord, and
* gives us a richer understanding of God.

The Companion to the Psalter provides a quick orientation to all 150 Psalms -- making it an excellent guide for anyone who wants to use the Psalms in their Bible study or daily devotions as well as a versatile reference for pastors in their homiletic preparation. Beckstrand treats each Psalm individually, offering an outline and brief commentary that explains key words and concepts as well as suggestions for reflection and a prayer. Additional material includes a chart dividing the psalms into key groupings plus an appendix showing how each psalm fits into the lectionary. With Companion to the Psalter at your fingertips, you'll be able to immerse yourself in the hymnal that Jesus used -- and therefore better understand our Lord Jesus Christ.

Robert G. Beckstrand is a retired Lutheran pastor who served ELCA congregations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa during a half-century of ministry. He now resides in Stoughton, Wisconsin.