Children's Stories from The Village Shepherd
Volume 1
Janice B. Scott

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ISBN: 0788026186
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 170
Because I believe that God is in every part of life but does not intrude unless invited, these stories follow a similar pattern. That is, they are about God and Christianity, but they do not intrude unless invited. Above all, they are for enjoyment, because that too is what I believe about God -- that God should be enjoyed.

-- From the Foreword

This collection of heartwarming stories from the "Village Shepherd" is an ideal means for revealing deep truths of the Christian faith while at the same time entertaining and captivating readers. It is a journey through worlds of talking animals, imaginative characters, pixies and goblins, and regular, everyday life, learning important lessons on faith, love, family, and God. Some stories evoke laughter while others bring tears, but each will leave the reader better for the experience. Every tale is linked to a passage from the Bible, aiding readers in searching beneath the surface of the story and applying its wisdom to their daily lives. This collection is sure to be a treasured part of any library, appealing to the child in all of us.

Janice B. Scott's career as a priest began in 1994 when she was ordained at Norwich Cathedral with the first group of women clergy in the UK. She is Rector of a group of parishes in South Norfolk, England, and has been the Rural Dean of Redenhall Deanery, covering 32 parishes in that area. She was recently appointed Honorary Canon of Norwich Cathedral in recognition of her work. In addition to her parish duties and writing The Village Shepherd, an online resource for pastors and worship leaders, she is a freelance writer for Redemptorist Publications in the UK. She has also broadcast, "Pause for Thought" on a local radio station.