Children's Stories From The Village Shepherd
Volume II (Cycle C texts)
Janice Scott

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ISBN: 0788026828
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 172
As we move further away in time from the first century, so the gap between those who choose to attend church and those who do not is widening until it is not far short of an abyss. I believe we need to urgently find ways to bridge this abyss, so the aim of this little volume is to present the good news of Jesus Christ in a way that can be heard and understood by this present generation. It has been my experience that a life including God is a life full of fun, love, and enjoyment, even though things may not always go entirely smoothly. Even in the bad times when I cling onto faith by my fingertips, I am aware that God's strong arms are holding me and that the fun and happiness are not so far away.
— from the foreword

This second volume of stories from "The Village Shepherd" is an ideal means for revealing deep truths of the Christian faith while at the same time entertaining and captivating readers. Like the first volume, this collection of stories evokes laughter while others bring tears, but each will leave the reader better for the experience. For those who follow the liturgical calendar, this book follows the gospel readings used in Cycle C of the Revised Common Lectionary and includes a scripture index and lectionary index.

Janice B. Scott's career as a priest began in 1994 when she was ordained at Norwich Cathedral with the first group of women clergy in the UK. She has been both rector of a group of parishes in South Norfolk UK, and also Rural Dean of Redenhall Deanery, covering 32 parishes in that area. She was appointed Honorary Canon of Norwich Cathedral in 2008 in recognition of her work, and now lives with her husband Ian just outside Norwich. In addition to her diocesan work and writing "The Village Shepherd," an online resource for pastors and worship leaders (and a component of, she is a freelance writer for Redemptorist Publications in the UK. She has also written and broadcasts "Pause For Thought" on a local radio station and has written several novels, all with a church background.