NaTiVity Dramas
The Second Season
Keith Hewitt

Price: $14.95

ISBN: 0788026410
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 142
Keith Hewitt is back with a second volume of cleverly developed nativity dramas in which he adapts biblical stories to popular television programs. In the same way Jesus communicated in a context that people of his time could relate to, Hewitt presents four sharp-witted takeoffs on something our culture can really relate to -- TV. The humorous yet reverent treatments of these biblical narratives will hold people's attention and breathe new life into traditional nativity texts.

All four plays are specifically designed to be produced in churches, and can be easily staged by congregations of almost any size. Props are simple and easy to find.

The four plays in this second volume are:

"A Night for News" -- Taken from a CNN (Caesar News Network) news broadcast
"Bethlehem Blues" -- A takeoff of the popular 80s police drama, Hill Street Blues
"Two-And-A-Half Wise Men" -- A parody of the CBS sitcom Two-And-A-Half Men
"Dirty Jobs: Bethlehem" -- An adaptation of Mike Rowe's Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs

Keith Hewitt in his new book of dramas based on the Nativity stories once again shows that he knows how to reach an audience... by taking a biblical story, wrapping a modern TV program around it, and "letting it fly." His use of parody of popular TV shows to tell the biblical stories puts a human face on some timeless truths.

-- Jim Rowlette
Retired Pastor
Wilmot United Methodist Church

Keith Hewitt is a youth leader at Wilmot United Methodist Church in Wilmot, Wisconsin, and in his "day job" is a quality analyst. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay. Keith's first television inspired dramas book is NaTiVity Dramas: Four Nontraditional Christmas Plays for All Ages (CSS Publishing, 2007). Hewitt is also a regular contributor to the online service StoryShare (