A Surprise Ending!
A Children's Sermon Compilation for the Lent and Easter Seasons for Cycle B
Compiled and Edited by Bruce Batchelor-Glader

Price: $12.95

ISBN: 078803040X
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 84
CSS Publishing Company is best known for its liturgical and sermon-based books, but its origins go back children's sermons. With A Surprise Ending!, CSS is going back to its roots.

“CSS” originally stood for Children’s Sermon Service and has published thousands of children’s sermons throughout its history. Many were originally written by founder Wesley Runk, and then other writers picked up where he left off upon his retirement.

This new volume is a perfect companion for all pastors with any amount of experience. Whether you've been delivering children's sermons for years or you're new to the task, A Surprise Ending! will help you involve and teach the children of your congregation (and the adults, too!) in fun and interesting ways.

This anthology consists of some of the best children’s object-based lessons for Lent and Easter (Cycle B). Pulled from the vast archive of children’s sermons, each installment includes a detailed run-through of the lesson and activity. Easily found items are suggested before each message to help make the message clearer to your younger members.

Children’s sermons included:
  • “Faith and Grace”— Second Sunday in Lent
  • “A Surprise Ending”— Resurrection of the Lord
  • “Jesus Chose You”— Sixth Sunday of Easter

Bruce Batchelor-Glader is a graduate of the Ohio State University and Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. Bruce has written book reviews for Emphasis Preaching Journal and has been an online film critic for the United Methodist Church in eastern Ohio for over 26 years. He loves spending time in worship with children, using object lessons and humor, often accompanied by his puppet pal Buddy.