Lectionary Worship Aids: Echoes Of The Word
Series X, Cycle B
Ralph J. Mineo

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ISBN: 0788030906
Size: 6x9
Pages: 276

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A structured liturgy is essential to regular worship; it encourages responses and prayers directly from and for the congregation. This holy rhythm allows for echoes of the lectionary readings, to create a worship service that brings each participant closer in their relationship with God.

Ralph Mineo has compiled Lectionary Worship Aids to help other pastors and worship leaders create a holy cadence that echoes the lectionary readings in Cycle B, so that the message each week would resound throughout each service. Each liturgical piece offers a:

• Unique Call to Worship,
• Prayer of the Day,
• Confession & Forgiveness,
• Prayers of Intercession

Mineo has also taken the liberty of including a selection of hymns for each week, helping to plan out the service in a way that invites the congregation to participate in spreading the Holy Word. This volume is intended to serve as a springboard for the work of worship leaders, preparing a service that allows for deeper connections between the congregation and God.

Ralph Mineo began his pastoral ministry as a Roman Catholic priest. He later resigned from the priesthood to marry his wife, Jo. Later, he resumed his journey of pastoral ministry, serving four Lutheran congregations in Northwestern Ohio for over 46 years. He has served the church locally, regionally, and nationally in various roles. He has composed church music, including hymns, liturgical music, about eighty Psalm paraphrases, children's songs, as well as songs for Jo. Upon retirement, he and Jo moved back to the Erie, Pennsylvania area, relishing time with children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Currently, he is in Supply Ministry (preaching and leading worship) in Northwestern Pennsylvania and writing for CSS Publishing.