The Light Shines In The Darkness
A Christmas Eve Candlelight Service and Story
Georgianna Summers

Price: $7.95

ISBN: 0895368889
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 20
The familiar music and scripture of the Christmas season is interwoven with prayers and responses for the congregation in this well-crafted Christmas Eve candlelight worship resource. Four readers share speaking parts. Suggested music may be sung either by the congregation or by choir or soloists. Holy Communion may be included as a part of the service.

The message suggested for inclusion with the service is a powerful modern take about a twelve-year-old Salvadoran refugee named Jesus (pronouced Hay-SOOS), who stumbles across the international border into Arizona following a time of terror in his home country. In modern dress, the story focuses on the horror of King Herod's plan to exterminate his enemies in the days of Jesus' birth 2,000 years ago.

Georgianna Summers is a Christian laywoman and freelance writer from Yreka, California. Her husband serves a United Methodist congregation in that city. She has been published by CSS nine times previously, her most recent titles include Trapped: a Modern Murder Mystery (No. 2011), The Ladies, God Bless 'Em (No. 1264), and Night of Miracles (No. 1411).