Surprise! Christ Comes!
A Christmas Pageant
Barney Schroeder

Price: $7.95

ISBN: 1556731434
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 17
How does Christ come?

Christ comes in Covenant
Christ comes Hidden
Christ comes as Royalty
Christ comes as an Inferior
Christ comes for Sinners
Christ's coming is Timely
Christ comes in many surprising ways!

This easy-to-produce Christmas Eve worship service explores the many ways in which Christ comes to his people. The service requires no special costumes or complicated staging and simple banners are the only props necessary. Spoken parts can be adapted to include from 2 to 63 readers.

"The theme of the service is not only firmly grounded and supported in the scripture lessons that are chosen for the service, but also helps us as a people to come to terms with this highly significant reality in our lives ... the coming of Christ to us sinners. Here is a message for everyone that transcends even the wonderful festivities of the Christmas time."
Thomas A. Part, Pastor
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Appleton, Wisconsin

Barney Schroeder currently serves as Director of Christian Education and Youth Ministry at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Appleton, Wisconsin.