Funeral Resources Package
Sermons, Prayers, Orders of Service and More
Mark R. Powell, Gail Gaymer Martin and Chuck Cammarata (Editor)

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ISBN: 1776
Size: 5.5x8.5/8.5x11
Pages: 566
You have been asked to officiate at the funeral of someone you don’t know.

Every situation is different and requires a unique approach to ease the pain of those that are left behind.  Where do you find the words to help those who mourn?  The usual platitudes so often seem trite and cliché.

Inhale Comfort, Exhale Hope is the latest release of funeral meditations from CSS Publishing Company, which for 45 years, has been trusted to provide the means for crafting messages of comfort and consolation.

Available for purchase as a printed book or for immediate download, Inhale Comfort, Exhale Hope will enable you to more easily help those who grieve.

For a limited time, we are combining Inhale Comfort, Exhale Hope with Life Everlasting and On Eagles Wings in a specially priced package to give you a comprehensive approach to a enduring situation. These funeral resources will be vital to when you need them the most.

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Inhale Comfort, Exhale Hope!
10 Funeral Homilies
Mark R. Powell

Death rarely comes with simple answers, for its arrival is always a bold reminder that we live in an imperfect world. Yet there is hope found in the Savior, and in his promise we can be certain that the limitations of this world cannot shackle the power of God.

In the ten funeral homilies of Inhale Comfort, Exhale Hope! Mark Powell exposes the secrets of a broken world, reminding us that in the midst of the mess and the chaos, God's presence delivers a redeeming hope. Powell doesn't believe that the funeral homily should ever be an attempt to lecture or evangelize; rather, he asserts it's a time to remind the brokenhearted to rely on solid scriptural truths found in the words of Jesus:
We will not be left orphaned. Death has no victory. We will be with the Lord forever.

The homilies in this volume will aid the pastor in preparation of funerals for:
• an unexpected death
• an elderly Christian
• the death of someone unknown to the pastor
• a suicide
• a child
and more.

Life Everlasting
10 The Essential Book of Funeral Resources
Chuck Cammarata, Editor

This comprehensive volume is a must-have resource for every pastor. It contains over 100 sample sermons from preachers across the denominational spectrum, plus a vast array of prayers, scripture readings, and other material for planning and conducting meaningful funeral services.

The sermons cover a wide range of topics, including:
* honoring the long and fruitful lives of faithful Christians
* comforting the families and friends of children who left this world too soon
* dealing with troubling questions about God raised by those who have suffered
* offering solace to the loved ones of those who have died suddenly and unexpectedly
* demonstrating how the image of God is present even in difficult and unsavory people
* celebrating a variety of distinctive "characters"
* addressing the difficult issues associated with those who have committed suicide
* witnessing the Christian message of salvation to the unchurched

Life Everlasting is also packed with other valuable resources:
* children's messages that help young people grasp the meaning of death
* prayers and other liturgical material, including calls to worship and responsive scripture readings
* an extensive selection of scripture texts, each with brief "sermon starter" ideas
* lists of appropriate musical repertoire, including hymns, choral music, instrumental music, and music for soloists

With all this in one volume, Life Everlasting provides a complete set of practical tools for making funerals powerfully effective moments of ministry that reaffirm the central Christian message of Jesus Christ's victory over death.

On Eagles' Wings
Thematic Prayer, Meditation, And Services Of The Word For Christian Burial
Gail Gaymer Martin

It's a difficult time to make decisions when a loved one dies. Yet families must make many choices in a short period of time, including ones about the funeral service itself. Those who are frustrated by the process of selecting Bible texts and themes for their loved one's prayer vigil now have a resource to help guide them in their hour of need. On Eagles' Wings provides ten thematic prayer services designed for use at funeral vigils or as alternative funeral services. Each service is complete and ready to use (including a bulletin format), yet there is flexibility for individual input. Brief descriptions of each service's theme help family and clergy select the one most appropriate for the deceased. And the services can be led by either clergy or lay leaders, an especially helpful feature for congregations that are serviced by part-time clergy.