Stories Connecting Scripture to Everyday Life
Timothy E. Healy

The word "homily" comes from the Greek word meaning conversation. The stories in Tales For The Masses: Stories Connecting Scripture To Everyday Life largely contain dialogue - realistic conversations between family members, co-workers and neighbors of all ages. Here is a new collection of previously unpublished stories that connect Scripture to contemporary, everyday life. Tim writes for the parishioner who's wondering "Why should I listen to you?" by imparting stories to which the parishioner can easily relate. Someone may ask you, "Who told you about me, anyway?" after hearing a homily or sermon with one of these stories in it. In this way, the Scripture message can be seen as relevant to all generations. In this book, author Tim Healy provides homilists and educators material they can use for their own reflection, to help people connect Scripture with what goes on in normal life, and to get people excited about worship because its relevance has been made transparent.

Strength For Times Of Loss
Lowell O. Erdahl
When someone whom we cared about is suddenly gone from our lives, it can be devastating. The grieving process can stretch over several months. Here is a tested and proven resource for those who need a daily companion during such a time of loss. The a...

Wisdom and Musings: Life in a Small Town Funeral Home
Celia M. Hastings
A celebration of life through the lens of a small town funeral home and a woman’’ journey of faith. Written in a James Herriott "All Things Bright and Beautiful" style makes The Undertaker's Wife both engaging and readable just for it's pure story.

Reflections On Christmas Symbolism
Kenneth Mortonson
The Advent/Christmas season is full of symbols that inspire and instruct us in our understanding of the Christian faith. The information in this book will be especially welcomed by families for nightly stories around the dinner table. It will also be

A Chaplain's Ministry In The Middle East
Lance Kittleson
I experienced the power of God's grace in two ways as I have read these e-mails: I heard the story of faith of an ordinary parish pastor who served God in a rather extraordinary setting, and I experienced the power of God to make the ordinary prec

Seeking a Healthy Sexuality in a World of Power and Control
Rev. James Lex, Ed.D., With Ann M. Ennis
An honest story of one man's life in the Roman Catholic priesthood. This is a book that challenges all of those on either side who claim to have a corner on the Truth.

Through this candid and challenging look at celibacy, Father James Lex pr

Lessons From Bible Plants
Samuel J. Hahn, Scott Patton, Illustrator
Poets and the scriptures have often spoken of Jesus as the "lily of the valley" or the "rose of Sharon," and the Bible is filled with intriguing references to a wide variety of flora. But what did these plants look like? You'll find out, and learn mu

Facing the consequences of a society that no longer values choosing right from wrong
Dan Taddeo
One Nation Without God

History is filled with great civilizations that have come and gone.
They all experienced moral decay from within.

One Nation Without God documents the cultural and moral changes that have brought devastating consequences upon our society in the last two generations. You will find the author's compilation of quotes and statistics an eye opening

An Architect and a Pastor Guide Your Church Construction
Lance Moore and Dan Michal
This year, thousands of churches will build or renovate, and many will repeat common mistakes -- some with disastrous results. Even experienced architects and pastors cannot guarantee success if they fail to communicate properly with building committees. Well-intentioned parishioners waste time and money with misplaced priorities or by unnecessarily "re-inventing the wheel."

This book offers a common language for ministers, church boards, contractors, and

366 Thoughts To Ponder And To Live
Lowell O. Erdahl
Winsome Wisdom is a modern-day Poor Richard’s Almanack, full of Ben Franklin-style proverbs complete with brief commentary. Erdahl’s ethics and values are apparent in these bits of wisdom. His thoughtful comments touch on issu...