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A Practical Guide
Robert M. Cirtin (with John M. Edie, Dennis K. Lewis, Edward L. Spain & Donna M. Washburn)
If you are a pastor, associate pastor, preschool director, church school principal, deacon, elder, vestryperson, or denominational leader -- read this book, then read it again! Make it required reading for every leader in your church...
Tom Duncan
Associate Pastor, Anglican Church of the Resurrection
St. Louis, Missouri

An Architect and a Pastor Guide Your Church Construction
Lance Moore and Dan Michal
This year, thousands of churches will build or renovate, and many will repeat common mistakes -- some with disastrous results. Even experienced architects and pastors cannot guarantee success if they fail to communicate properly with building committees. Well-intentioned parishioners waste time and money with misplaced priorities or by unnecessarily "re-inventing the wheel."

This book offers a common language for ministers, church boards, contractors, and

Accounting And Administrative Guidelines That Promote Church Growth
Arnold Cirtin
Pastors are schooled in theology and ministry, but few receive training in the fine points of church administration. Learning how to handle a congregation's finances "on the job" can be a harrowing experience. Yet efficiently managing your church's b

Case Studies In Congregational Ministry
Glenn L. Borreson
Here are over 50 case studies of very real clergy/church situations: crises, problems, legal issues. Each one provides background to the situation, a description of the event, an analysis, and an evaluation by the person(s) involved suggesting how i

Britton D. Weimer
Stay Out Of Court And Stay In Ministry is written to help pastors prevent costly and career-ending lawsuits. It sets forth the most common legal claims asserted against religious organizations, and the defenses churches have successfully raise

Liturgical Aids
John H. Will
The word ”liturgy” literally means ”the work of the people” -- so the active participation of everyone in the congregation should be the goal of Christian worship. Designed to help you attain that sense of full partnership, The Work Of The Peop...

Building a Productive Pastor-Congregation Partnership in 40 Days
Fred Oaks
A 40-day devotional guide to help churches with new pastors strengthen their relationships with God and one another. Much time, effort, and prayer goes into selecting a new pastor.

A Compendium Of Stewardship Resources
CSS Publishing
"This package offers a complete set of resources for year-round planning and execution of a successful stewardship campaign. It includes:

* Best Stewardship Sermons -- Nineteen outstanding meditations on stewardship from preachers of many deno..."

A Treasury Of Blunders And Bloopers From Church Bulletins And Newsletters
Linda M. Jump
To err is human. Fortunately, so is the ability to laugh at our mistakes. And this collection of actual bloopers and blunders from church newsletters, bulletins, and pulpits across the country will keep you laughing for a long time to come.


Defining and Planning Our Congregational Economic Development Mission
Karl Evans
In the Old Testament, the Jubilee year was a celebration of restoration of lands and elimination of debts. In contemporary America, however, many areas are struggling under the weight of poverty and hopelessness in a new and uncertain economy. In these areas, the church must stand not only as a beacon of hope, but also as a catalyst for