Why Luther's Theology Still Matters
David J. Monge
David Monge believes that many modern Christians no longer think carefully about scripture and tradition, because they don’t believe it is essential to their faith -- and, he says, that’s strikingly similar to the prevailing situation which confronte...

Jesus' Experience of the Transcendent
Bernard J. Cooke
The issue of Jesus' self-consciousness remains at the forefront of New Testament studies. In this book, Bernard Cooke exhibits courage and tenacity as he reconstructs, with full acceptance of historical criticism, the religious self-consciousness of

A Parable of People's Political Theology
C.S. Song
Here is a superb example of the new way of doing theology. C. S. Song tells a charming story of long ago and then proceeds to draw some not-so-charming implications for what it means in our time. The 'safe' tale turns out to have devastating impac

The Holy Spirit in Person
Thomas A. Smail
This major study breaks new ground, going beyond the issue most discussed in charismatic circles (the working of the Holy Spirit) to tackle questions relating to the person of the Holy Spirit and his relationships to the Father and the Son, as well a

A Historical and Theological Perspective
Hans Schwarz
All human beings--indeed, all creatures--experience evil in various forms. How can the hurtful and harmful aspects of life be understood and faced? What differing perspectives on evil can be gained from
- Behavioral science and psychology
- B

An Introduction to Luther's Theology
Lennart Pinomaa
In Faith Victorious Pinomaa presents a highly lucid and penetrating discussion of some of the major themes in the theology of the great Reformer. Numerous quotations from Luther himself enliven the treatment of such subjects as revelation, red

Towards an Indigenous Theology of the Cross Revised Edition
Douglas J. Hall
Revised and with a Foreword by David J. Monge

In this great classic, Douglas John Hall analyzes the inadequacies and dangers of the officially optimistic society of North America and its officially optimistic religion. He then ap

Theology and the Religious Imagination
Amos Niven Wilder
Many today have difficulty in relating to religious language. This can happen when we reduce religious meaning to a specific kind of spiritual experience or give undue importance to one aspect of human life. The reduction of life to human will or int...

C. S. Song
A deeply moving and challenging book, Jesus, the Crucified People breaks a theological stranglehold on the figure of Jesus and glimpses in a new, non-Western way both Jesus and Christianity.

Against the rich cultural background of Asia,

Maps and Visions
Mary C. Boys
Mary Boys offers a new way of thinking about what it means to educate religiously. Utilizing the method of map-making to broaden the context of American religious education, Boys defines a process that incorporates each instructor’s own experi...