Finding The Joy In Ministry (And In Yourself)
Donald H. Neidigk
Don Neidigk's stories of facing the realities of life with an overcoming confidence help us rise up and, as one indomitable woman says in the book, "Make it a good day." — Marshall Shelley, Denver Seminary

Wisdom and Musings: Life in a Small Town Funeral Home
Celia M. Hastings
A celebration of life through the lens of a small town funeral home and a woman’’ journey of faith. Written in a James Herriott "All Things Bright and Beautiful" style makes The Undertaker's Wife both engaging and readable just for it's pure story.

Seeking a Healthy Sexuality in a World of Power and Control
Rev. James Lex, Ed.D., With Ann M. Ennis
An honest story of one man's life in the Roman Catholic priesthood. This is a book that challenges all of those on either side who claim to have a corner on the Truth.

Through this candid and challenging look at celibacy, Father James Lex pr

A Spiritual Metaphor For Life In The Modern World
Robert R. Kopp
I’ve never played a round of golf in my life, but after reading Robert Kopp’s insights, I’m almost persuaded to hit the links. One thing I am persuaded to do is recommend his book.
Michael Duduit, Editor
Preaching Magazine

Lessons about Life, Learned on the Lake
Patty Mondore
It's time to sit back, put on your life jacket, and get ready for an adventure as the author, Patty Mondore, shares a few of the lessons about life that she's learned on the lake. What you need is A Good Paddling!

Anyone who has spent time on the water would

Moral Messages From A College Chapel
Harold C. Warlick, Jr.
”It is easy to be brave when everyone agrees with you; but the difficulty comes when you have to stand out, one among many, remembering your obligations as a child of God. It is just as difficult for adults. It takes some real effort to live a goo...

Offering The Healing Ministry Of Christ
Donald W. Dotterer
”Don’s sermons provide enlightenment for this neglected ministry of healing in congregations. This guide illumines areas of evil and suffering, prayer, isolation of illness, therapy of forgiveness, faith and the power of immortality and the risen

My Triumph Over Schizophrenia
Carol North, M.D.
This is the amazing true story of one woman’s journey deep into mental illness and her return to sanity -- and to a successful life and career. Carol North was diagnosed with schizophrenia in college. The story of her life is traced from her early

Arnold B. Cheyney
In Writing -- A Way to Pray Arnold Cheyney offers a practical method of writing as an act of prayer. He shows how to pray with more meaning, thought, and imagination by writing with Scripture as our focus. This method differs from other kinds

An Insider's Guide to Christian Publishing
Ann Byle
More than forty well-known authors, editors, agents, and other publishing professionals who help shape the books enjoyed by millions provide inspiration and up-close insights for readers as well as aspiring writers.