Readers' Theater For Advent
Frank Ramirez
Looking for something fresh and creative for the Advent season? Here’s a charming set of five lighthearted plays that’s sure to engage audiences and set the holiday spirit while remaining focused on the scriptural message. Written in whimsical rhymin...

He Is Coming Again
Rolf E. Aaseng

This book aims to help Christians evaluate the many conflicting ideas about the second coming by examining what the Bible actually says about it. 

Important reading any time of year, these four chapters especially lend themselves to an Advent Bible study for adult classes. Study questions for each chapter are provided at the back of the book. 

An Anthology of Advent Fantasies
Bob Tedrow
Padre Bob Tedrow lives in story land -- that is, a part of theworld where storytelling is endemic. From Native Americans who have beentelling sacred myths for hundreds of years, to Spanish conquerors with theirstories of Don Quixote and El Cid, to Anglos and their heroes of tall taleslike Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan, there has been a rich heritage in theSouthwest for many generations of communicating great truth through stories.

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Daily Meditations for Advent & Christmas
Dean Feldmeyer (Editor), Mary Austin, Chris Keating, George Reed, Bethany Peerbolte, Tom Willadsen
This daily devotional for the seasons of Advent and Christmas will help to deepen your faith during a period that has become filled with frenetic activity and distractions in our contemporary world.