Looking Again at the Parables of Jesus
Willam Powell Tuck
There are so many books of sermons on the parables. I have almost twenty just on my shelf! Could preachers and laypeople need another one? The answer is “Yes” when it is William P. Tuck’s Stories that Continue to Speak to Us Today... — Ronald J. Allen, Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis.

Preaching the Book of Revelation In Mainline Churches Today
Rolf D. Svanoe
Because Revelation is often misunderstood in the media, Svanoe goal with this volume is “providing a resource for preachers to engage the latest research and insights into Revelation.”

Keys To Creative Preaching and Worship In Small Membership Churches
James L. Killen, Jr.

With 45 years of church leadership experience, James Killen came to believe that some of the biggest God moments can happen in the smallest of churches. Throughout the pages of Living in the Conversation, Killen looks back through biblical history to remind us that God calls us to love Him with our hearts, minds, and souls. Ultimately, Killen convinces us that preaching and worship should always lead to a people connected to their God.

Preaching As Spiritual Practice
Mariann Edgar Budde

Hard Texts, Homiletical Narratives, and Hearing God's Voice
James Ayers
In Finding the Story, James Ayers examines the art of narrative preaching and shows how storytelling can help people in the pews hear God speaking to their hearts through scripture. Ayers analyzes ways to illuminate texts that are diffi

Creatively Developing Biblical Story Sermons
Larry Lange
Outlines an innovative process for retelling biblical stories that utilizes fictional elements and contexts yet remains faithful to the scriptural text. Several creative and homiletical issues are comprehensively examined, and six sample sermons are included to illustrate various aspects of this process at work. Inject exciting new life into the old, old story with this primer for developing dramatic sermons that touch hearts and minds and souls.

Preaching In A Post-Literate Age
Richard A. Jensen
We are living on the boundary between the print and electronic era. Richard A. Jensen says that as we move into the electronic world, we must seriously rethink most of what we do. This book calls us to reinvestigate preaching in our time.


Preaching In The Paperless Pulpit
William H. Shepherd, Jr.
Does the idea of speaking without a manuscript in the pulpit make you feel like a trapeze artist trying to negotiate a high wire without a net? There you are, balancing delicately in the stratosphere and holding on for dear life with nothing but you

And Other Hints On How To Preach Great Sermons 52 Weeks A Year
Barbara G. Schmitz
A compelling preacher shares her unique method for creating memorable sermons in this practical, down-to-earth manual that’s chock-full of excellent ideas for homiletical preparation. It’s an engaging look at what characterizes outstanding preaching

Preaching In The First Person
David G. Rogne
Even though the sermon is the centerpiece of Protestant worship, preachers sometimes fail to capture the imagination of their audiences and communicate the spiritual resources that worshipers need. But David Rogne's messages in Telling It Like