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Inclusive Membership, Prophetic Vision, And The American Church
Nibs Stroupe
Whether we are conscious of it or not, we fear difference. That often unwarranted fear leads us to create enemies in our hearts and minds - and fear was no stranger to Oakhurst Presbyterian Church, as confessed by Pastor Nibs Stroupe...

Integration Under the Steeple
David E. Leininger
In this refreshingly honest and authentic analysis of what continues to be a persistent dilemma in the modern church, David Leininger offers his take on why 11:00 on Sunday morning is still the most segregated hour in America. Although attitudes toward racial issues have changed in recent decades, Leininger shows us how much they have stayed the same with a startlingly contemporary story. A Color-Blind Church represents wise advice from an experienced pastor reflecting on his own early years of ministry and how he would handle a similar ""prophetic"" opportunity in our time. This book will be a good mentoring tool for present and future pastors on how to deal with potentially controversial issues in the church.
William J. Carl III
President, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

A Novel About the Birth of Christian Faith
Leonard Woodson Mann
First Ten Days is a marvelously crafted story that invites the reader to visualize events and conversations at the Upper Room during that time. It was here that the church was born, that the foundations of Christian Faith were chiseled and laid.

Facing the consequences of a society that no longer values choosing right from wrong
Dan Taddeo
One Nation Without God

History is filled with great civilizations that have come and gone.
They all experienced moral decay from within.

One Nation Without God documents the cultural and moral changes that have brought devastating consequences upon our society in the last two generations. You will find the author's compilation of quotes and statistics an eye opening

An Architect and a Pastor Guide Your Church Construction
Lance Moore and Dan Michal
This year, thousands of churches will build or renovate, and many will repeat common mistakes -- some with disastrous results. Even experienced architects and pastors cannot guarantee success if they fail to communicate properly with building committees. Well-intentioned parishioners waste time and money with misplaced priorities or by unnecessarily "re-inventing the wheel."

This book offers a common language for ministers, church boards, contractors, and

Godliness vs. Worldliness
Daniel Taddeo
The Controversy is an anthology of eight books. It contains a random selection of gems of wisdom on 200 related topics, about 25 from each book listed on the reverse side, each fewer that 300 words long.

• They are timeless and challenging.
• They give encouragement and hope.
• They provide perspective and solutions.

They focus on all the important aspects of living

The Proven Path to Be Forgiving and Forgiven
James Ayers
When we carry deep hurts by others, when we harbor resentment, revenge, jealousy, anger, and hateful attitudes, when we are unwilling to give or to receive forgiveness, we are positioning ourselves for agonizing problems and a host of potential personal illnesses. Whereas forgiveness is a key that opens the door to avenues of good health and a more satisfying life, unforgiveness keeps the door locked on a self-imposed, critical, unbending, legalistic, I-know-I'm-right outlook on life. The truth is that forgiveness blesses the giver more than it benefits the receiver. (from the Introduction)

A Practical Guide for Health and Wellness
Henry Brinton and Vikram Khanna
In today's live-fast society, poor health and obesity are at epidemic proportions. People have seemingly forgotten to treat with reverence God's first and greatest gift to themテtheir bodies.

Building on the Ten Commandments that guide our spiritual lives, Henry Brinton and Vikram Khanna have devised Ten Commandments of Faith and

Lessons On Teaching With Love
Wendy Byard
Teach And Reach for Classroom Miracles! Lessons On Teaching With Love aims to convince teachers and leaders that love is the key to miracle-filled classrooms. When Wendy Byard first began teaching, the college professor, like many instructors, thought all her students needed was a

Information Talks for Visitors
E. Dale Click
Here an experienced evangelist offers a detailed account of how he introduced the Christian faith to unchurched seekers.
H. George Anderson, former Presiding Bishop
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

E. Dale Click has produced a book which is timely in its focus and creative in its execution. Designed as a series of five TALKS to be given to visitors inquiring into the beliefs and practices of the Christian, and especially