Richard A. Jespersen
Baptism is a pivotal occasion for every Christian -- and now you can commemorate its life-changing power with this magnificently illustrated book that captures the sacrament’s wonder and symbolism. Richard Jespersen’s thoughtful contemplations connec...

The Joys And Duties Of The Spiritual Care Of Your Godchild
Peter C. Garrison
A Guide For Godparents is an aid for pastors who deal with ministering to a parade in our constantly moving parish populations. Often godparents arrive from out of town or state. The parents themselves move more often today than ever before in

Sermons And Worship Services For Baptism And Communion
Elaine M. Ward
The sacraments of baptism and communion are foundational acts of the Christian faith -- in addition to affirming God’s grace, they have the power to transform us in the living presence of the Almighty. Elaine Ward believes that the sacraments also ”e

Forming New Adult Christians Through Conversion And Baptism
Frank G. Honeycutt
The process described in this book will lead to church members who are more deeply committed and more firmly rooted in their faith. It brings together worship, Christian education and social outreach in a detailed program that is directed to the adul

Ten Baptismal Sermons
George M. Bass
In these ten baptismal sermons, George M. Bass explores some of the questions that surface during Lent and Easter:

Does the cross really have anything significant to say about life and death?

Why is baptism so important in the worship