Why Luther's Theology Still Matters
David J. Monge
David Monge believes that many modern Christians no longer think carefully about scripture and tradition, because they don’t believe it is essential to their faith -- and, he says, that’s strikingly similar to the prevailing situation which confronte...

Remembering Katherine von Bora
James G. Cobb
Reformation's Rib is a chancel drama detailing the life of Katherine von Bora (Martin Luther's wife). The historical script gives an insightful look into the husband and wife relationship that helped shape the writings of the founder of

Reformer Or Heretic?
Thomas E. Patten
Martin Luther: Reformer or Heretic? is a study about the leader of the Reformation that is easily adapted for discussion groups and adult Sunday school classes. Each of the three sections of the book offers discussion questions.

An Introduction to Luther's Theology
Lennart Pinomaa
In Faith Victorious Pinomaa presents a highly lucid and penetrating discussion of some of the major themes in the theology of the great Reformer. Numerous quotations from Luther himself enliven the treatment of such subjects as revelation, red