A "Fantastic" Worship Series for All Ages
Rolf D. Svanoe
Svanoe has written a script for a weekly portrayal of Mr. Tumnus, the faun that is our first introduction to the world of Narnia in Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, as well as weekly sermons for church leaders to adapt and use in their own services. This immersive worship series is sure to intrigue your congregation, bring them back to the world of Narnia, and help to understand the love that God has for us.

15 Christmas Plays For Churches Of All Sizes
Lois Anne DeLong and Barbara Anne Antonucci
Here’s a collection of humorous, down-to-earth plays that bring a fresh perspective to the Christmas story through such creative devices as imagining the thoughts and feelings of fringe characters (like an innkeeper or a servant to one of the magi) o...

Includes Order of Worship, Patterns and Instructions for Making Chrismons
Diane L. Gibson
This book provides patterns, instructions and background information for twenty different Chrismons, or "monograms of Christ." It also includes a church program for presenting and explaining the meanings of these Christian symbols. The program includ

Based On Lectionary Years A, B, C
Robert S. Jarboe
How does a pastor who follows the lectionary make the Advent wreath relevant to the rest of the service? Here is a very easy-to-use resource which includes every Sunday in Advent, as well as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It provides bulletin inser

Hanging The Greens For Christmas
Janet Burton
Worship in today’s mainline churches is changing faster than many ministry leaders would like, yet not fast enough to satisfy many laypeople who want to experience something fresh when they attend worship. While older members may resist losing valued

Songs And Lessons For The Advent Wreath And Hanging Of The Greens
Eulonda A. Dreher
Begin your celebration of the Advent season with this meaningful program that weaves together informative readings, scripture, and familiar hymns with the lighting of the Advent wreath and the ”hanging of the greens.” It’s a wonderfully creative way

Dramas, Pageants, And Worship Services For Advent/Christmas
Anne W. Anderson, Nelson Chamberlain, Linda Buff, Sharon Cathcart, and Pamela H. Peterson
This anthology provides you with a great selection of dramatic material for memorable Advent and Christmas worship. With a variety of approaches, there's ample material to choose from to fit your needs, whatever your congregation's size or worship st

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A Christmas Play in a Worship Setting
Diane L. Gibson
The scene for this Christmas play and worship service is a familiar one: a nativity display in a town square. As different individuals or families approach the manger scene they hear the voice of God speaking his words of truth, encouragement, and hope to their own unique needs and circumstances. When the members of your congregation hear God's message to these individuals, they will hear God speaking to them as well. The service includes the congregational singing of familiar Christmas carols.

Reflections On Christmas Symbolism
Kenneth Mortonson
The Advent/Christmas season is full of symbols that inspire and instruct us in our understanding of the Christian faith. The information in this book will be especially welcomed by families for nightly stories around the dinner table. It will also be

A Collection Of Congregational Resources For Thanksgiving, Advent, And Christmas
CSS Publishing
This anthology of holiday material provides you with a complete collection of resources for drama, worship, and young people. It includes a wide range of resources from across the denominational spectrum. Copying privileges are included for all