A Children's Sermon Compilation for the Lent and Easter Seasons for Cycle B
Compiled and Edited by Bruce Batchelor-Glader
This new volume is a perfect companion for all pastors with any amount of experience. Whether you've been delivering children's sermons for years or you're new to the task, A Surprise Ending! will help you involve and teach the children of your congregation (and the adults, too!) in fun and interesting ways.

Coloring Book
Jane Lawrence
Easter eggs, chicks, rabbits, lambs and new clothes ... how do these seemingly secular symbols relate to the real Easter story - the death and resurrection of Christ?

All of the symbols or traditions in this ”coloring book” have their real beg...

Children's Sermons And Activity Pages For Lent And Easter
Julia E. Bland
One of the most striking representations of Jesus in the scriptures is that of a shepherd. Based on John 10’s statement that He is the Good Shepherd, this series of eight lessons teaches youngsters of Jesus’ unfailing love and care (even to the point

Dialogues And Children's Sermons For Lent And Easter
Donald H. Neidigk
Nine dialogues built around the ”I AM” sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of John offer a fresh perspective while meeting the demands of extra services during the Lenten season. Through their interaction with Jesus, various characters gain insight into...

Sermons And Children's Sermons
Donald H. Neidigk
This book was written for busy pastors and lay leaders who want to provide their congregations with a biblical, informative, and motivational monologue series for the Lenten season. Each monologue features a Bible character who gave something to Jesu

Children's Object Lessons For Lent And Easter
Wesley T. Runk
Speaking With Signs is a unique series of six object lessons for children during the Lenten season ... making worship more meaningful for them (and for adults). Each lesson brings them a story from scripture by focusing upon a symbol related t

Messages For Children On Lent And Easter Themes
Elaine M. Ward
Elaine Ward passionately believes that it is vital for children to hear the good news of God's love through the Lenten stories of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. In this companion volume to An Idle Tale Becomes Good News (also available

Six Children's Object Lessons For Lent
Wesley T. Runk
Good morning boys and girls. How would you like to use your imaginations and visit some of the places that Jesus visited during the last week of his life? If you look closely, you will see, with my help, the streets, the palaces, the gardens, the

Children's Sermons And Activity Pages For Lent And Easter
Julia E. Bland
This activity-oriented series of children's sermons deals with word opposites. The lessons are based on the example found in Jesus' teachings that the bad is followed by the good, through trust and obedience in God.

This series of children's

Congregational Resources for Lent
Arley Fadness
Using da Vinci’s classic Lord’s Supper as a backdrop, Blueprints for Lent offers a Lenten experience for your congregation that will be remembered for years to come. This series is an offering of programs and worship designed for pa...