12 Sermons On Developing God-Given Potential
Michael B. Brown
Though the title sounds like a promotional campaign for the U.S. Army, that’s not its intent. Instead, what is contained in this book are road marks for the journey into a new and stronger sense of what it means to be fully alive. All people are crea...

Series VI, Cycle B
E. Carver McGriff
McGriff provides some of the most timely and thought-provoking research on the lectionary texts ever made available. Included for each Sunday in the lectionary are:
A listing of the Revised Common, Roman Catholic, and Episcopal lectionary texts.
A description of the Psalm of the day.
A prayer for the day.
Commentary that is more than academic exegesis -- McGriff brings to the

Lectionary Devotional for Cycle B
Stephen P. McCutchan
We all need sustenance for our spiritual journey, and there's no better source of nourishment than reading God's Word. In these pages, McCutchan helps you fill your cup with a refreshing drink from the Almighty's streams of living water. complete set of meditations, based on scripture texts from Cycle B of the Revised Common Lectionary, guides you

Series III, Cycle B
Harold H. Lentz
One cannot read the miracles of Christ reported in the Gospel of Mark without being convinced of the divinity of Christ. John Mark repeatedly records Christ's divine powers over nature, illness, severe physical handicaps, and sin. These events in which God's power entered into human situations had profound effects on those who witnessed them -- and they continue to teach us great spiritual truths

Applications For Contemporary Life, Cycle B
Richard E. Gribble
The parable is the most well-known literary form presented in the Gospels - and since narrative or story sermons are such a prominent element in the contemporary pulpit, pastors are preaching on the parable texts more frequently than ever.

This book provides a thorough and complete examination of each of the parables in Cycle B of the

He Is Coming Again
Rolf E. Aaseng

This book aims to help Christians evaluate the many conflicting ideas about the second coming by examining what the Bible actually says about it. 

Important reading any time of year, these four chapters especially lend themselves to an Advent Bible study for adult classes. Study questions for each chapter are provided at the back of the book. 

A Flight Plan For Being An Effective And Faithful Pastor
Jerry L. Schmalenberger
This book is for all pastors. It will help new pastors get a good start in their ministry. It will provide new ideas and vision for any pastor's ministry.

Plane Thoughts On Parish Ministry evolved over a period of several years. As the

A Study Series For Pastoral Study Groups
Peter C. Garrison
How do you deal with the unspoken, yet continuing dilemmas of your ministry?

Are you seen as a good luck charm?
Are you put on a pedestal of undue adoration?
Are you discouraged in evangelism and stewardship efforts?


Biblical Guidance for More Powerful Preaching
David von Schlichten
Illuminated by the scriptures themselves, Words Fitly Spoken explores in-depth the nuances of the homiletic craft. From the proper use of hyperbole and imagery to methods for how to elaborate imaginatively on the scriptures, this is a comprehensive resource for pastors struggling with delivering effective sermons.

Forming New Adult Christians Through Conversion And Baptism
Frank G. Honeycutt
The process described in this book will lead to church members who are more deeply committed and more firmly rooted in their faith. It brings together worship, Christian education and social outreach in a detailed program that is directed to the adul