Cycle C Sermons for Proper 23 through Thanksgiving Based on the Gospel Texts
R. Robert Cueni
In this collection of sermons for the final weeks of the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle C, the reader will find the common theme of "living through difficult times of maximal change."

In this volume, Cueni lets the text shape the sermon in some cases, while in others, lets the assigned gospel reading serve as a springboard for moving in a different direction.

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Sermons, Exegesis/Commentary, Stories for Preaching
David Bales, Peter Andrew Smith, Robert C. Cochran, George Reed, Molly James
Make your job easier and save time with these preaching power tools. Prepare yourself with fresh approaches, imaginative illustrations and solid sermons every week through the end of November.

Series III, Cycle C
Keith Hewitt
The 59 stories based on Cycle C texts by Keith Hewitt will help you deliver your message in creative and captivating ways.