2014 Sermons for The Season After Pentecost
Cycle A
Tom M. Garrison, Kristen Borsgard Wee, David G. Rogne

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The Word In Other Words

Sermons for Pentecost Sunday Through Proper 14 Based On the Gospel Texts For Cycle A
Tom M. Garrison

Nothing is beyond Christ's reach, Garrison proclaims, and The Word in Other Words is an excellent resource for those seeking a poignant unveiling of our human vulnerabilities and a compelling case for a strong and merciful God....Learn more

To Drown Hell and Burn Heaven

Cycle A Sermons for Proper 15 Through Proper 23 Based on the Gospel Texts
Kristen Borsgard Wee

To Drown Hell and Burn Heaven beautifully illustrates the ability of holy language to change lives. With a lyrical voice and deeply personal reflections, Kristin Borsgard Wee challenges the reader to look beyond the text in order to allow the ancient idea of a transforming "white fire" to move us and to equip us in our faith....Learn more

All About The Kingdom

Sermons for Proper 24 through Thanksgiving Based on the Gospel Texts
David G. Rogne

David Rogne combines over fifty years of personal scholarship and reflection in All About the Kingdom, a collection of Cycle A sermons for the last third of the Season of Pentecost, with a predominant message on the ever-present reality of the kingdom of God. Rogne's refreshing commitment to the authority of scripture creates relevant reflections on the teachings of Jesus that can be used by anyone who wants to better understand the calling of Christ....Learn more