The Word In Other Words
Sermons for Pentecost Sunday Through Proper 14 Based On the Gospel Texts For Cycle A
Tom M. Garrison

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ISBN: 0788027670
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 84
The Word in Other Words presents a beautiful collection of thoughts and experiences, ushering the reader into a closer examination of their walk with God. Too often we forget that the significance of Easter is its ability to deliver a future, saving us from the past and the present with its offer of redemptive hope. As Reverend Dr. Tom Garrison urges the Christ follower to surrender despair and exchange it for hope, he boldly calls us to pursue lives filled with gratitude, risk, and faithfulness -- lives centered on a future that is only possible because of the cross and an empty grave. The Word in Other Words confidently encourages us to follow Jesus, reminding us that he is the only one who can carry our burdens and mend our brokenness.

Nothing is beyond Christ's reach, Garrison proclaims, and The Word in Other Words is an excellent resource for those seeking a poignant unveiling of our human vulnerabilities and a compelling case for a strong and merciful God.

Rev. Dr. Tom M. Garrison is the Senior Pastor at Pensacola Beach United Church of Christ, and has been ordained since 1985. Rev. Garrison holds ordained standing with the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Through his career he has not only served churches but also taught in Seminary, University, and his latest teaching assignment was at St. George's House, Windsor Castle, Windsor England. He was educated at Amridge University, Auburn University, and received his doctorate from Columbia Theological Seminary. He is married to the former Renate Hainberger a native of Vienna, Austria. This is Tom's third book with CSS.