Congregational Resources
for Lent
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Lent/Easter Dramas

Nothing can express the meaning and emotions of Lent and Easter like drama. Getting members of your congregation involved in telling the story of death and resurrection can be rewarding for all it done well. CSS has what you need to dramatize the Greatest Story Ever Told. ...more info

Lent/Easter Dialogues

Whether you're looking for a unique midweek sermon series, weekly luncheon programming, a retreat setting or a way to get members involved in worship during Lent, you can't go wrong with these dialogues. ...more info

Lent/Easter Sermons

Get the help you deserve (if you need it). See the plethora of Lent sermon books that CSS has to offer. The breadth and variety of sermons here will give you the spark you're looking for and allow you to relax knowing that you have backup if you need it. ...more info

Stewardship Resources

While it's not the most favorite topic of pastors, stewardship is definitely one of the most important jobs of the church. CSS helps ease the pain of talking about money and gifts (financial and spiritual) with a diverse range of practical resources...
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Children's Sermons and Resources

Check out the vast array of children's resources published by CSS Publishing Company. Get the help you need in communicating with the toughest to reach and most important demographic in your congregation.
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Special Occassion Sermons

This collection from David Rogne presents a great opportunity for pastors and congregations to connect faith to their everyday lives. Sermons include:
  • Stewardship Sunday
       Increasing the Joy
  • World Communion Sunday
       Communion by the Sea
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