NEW Lent Preaching / Study

Within the Psalms, there is a collection of fifteen ancient songs, known as the “Songs of Ascent.” These ancient prayer-songs were sung and spoken by multitudes of pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem, and they continue to be used in the spiritual journey of the modern Christian. Each psalm offers advice to those who wish to grow spiritually and draw themselves closer to God, oftentimes posing challenges and difficult questions for the pilgrim on their way.

William G. Carter uses The Pilgrim Road to accentuate the advice that each of these psalms offers to those searching for the path to God. Although the path is not always smooth and easy, Carter reminds us that, as pilgrims, putting our faith in God does a lot more for our spiritual journey if we practice what we preach. Throughout his book, Carter offers thought-provoking questions about the reader’s life, intended to force us to take a step back from the trees and look at the forest as a whole. Once we take the time to view ourselves from the perspective of another, we can truly observe our actions in the world around us and begin to make changes where necessary....More info...

NEW Children's Sermons for Lent / Easter

This new volume is a perfect companion for all pastors with any amount of experience. Whether you've been delivering children's sermons for years or you're new to the task, A Surprise Ending! will help you involve and teach the children of your congregation (and the adults, too!) in fun and interesting ways.

This anthology consists of some of the best children’s object-based lessons for Lent and Easter (Cycle B). Pulled from the vast archive of children’s sermons, each installment includes a detailed run-through of the lesson and activity. Easily found items are suggested before each message to help make the message clearer to your younger members....More info...

Lent Congregational Resources

These comprehensive resources will provide everything the busy pastor needs to plan and prepare for the busy Advent and Christmas seasons. Children’s programs, children’s sermons, dramas, preaching aids...More Resources...

Lent/Easter Worship

Make the worship celebrations of your congregation unique and extra special with these resources that will strengthen and reinforce the faith of the people in the pews....More Worship Resources...

Cycle B Lent Sermons

Get the help you deserve (if you need it). Seeing the breadth and variety of Cycle B sermons here will give you confidence knowing that you have backup if you need it....More Cycle B Sermons...

Lent/Easter Dramas

A broad selection of readers’ theater, monologues, dialogues, and plays are all available to assist any size congregation during Lent and Easter. Browse our offerings for the perfect resources to enhance your Lent / Easter seasons....More Dramas & Plays...

Lent/Easter Children's Resources

If you're looking for something different for the children of your church, see the creative resources from CSS. From skits and plays to children's sermons, you'll find something that connects....More Children's resources...

Lent/Easter Sermons

Should you preach from the planned lections or do something different? CSS has a broad array of sermons and preaching resources for lectionary, seasonal and non-lectionary preaching perspectives....More Lent Sermons...

Stewardship Resources

While it's not the most favorite topic of pastors, stewardship is definitely one of the most important jobs of the church. CSS helps ease the pain of talking about money and gifts (financial and spiritual) with a diverse range of practical resources...
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Children's Sermons and Resources

Check out the vast array of children's resources published by CSS Publishing Company. Get the help you need in communicating with the toughest to reach and most important demographic in your congregation.
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Special Occasion Sermons

This collection from David Rogne presents a great opportunity for pastors and congregations to connect faith to their everyday lives. Sermons include:
  • Stewardship Sunday
       Increasing the Joy
  • World Communion Sunday
       Communion by the Sea
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