NEW Stories for Preaching

Timothy Healy understands the struggles of everyday life, and often talks to God when he is unsure of how to move forward. In his effort to help others by sharing the words of God, both from scripture and in his personal conversations with the Lord, Healy has returned with More Tales for the Masses: Stories Connecting Scripture and Everyday Life. This collection of stories, poems and parables helps to answer many of the questions that people of faith always ponder: “Where was God?” “Why did God let this happen to me?” Some of the included homilies recognize and address the feeling of worry that occurs in everyday life, strengthened by Healy’s experience as a hospital chaplain....More info...

NEW Sermons with Biblical Metaphor

When we try to describe all that God is, we are often at a loss for words. Because we cannot help but to use human words to attempt to encompass God’s being, Kenneth Gibble has created a series of sermons where he compares God to everyday concepts, drawing inspiration from Biblical perceptions of our Lord. Gibble’s sermon series, God Is Like… is a way for worship leaders to take a closer look at how the Bible describes our creator, and better understand how indescribable God’s power and love for us is. Sermons in this book can serve as a starting point for a theologically deeper exploration of scripture, or as standalone sermons to help explore how Christians should approach God...More info...

NEW Practical Christian Education in the Church

Christian Education is an important facet in keeping members involved and educated, especially when pertaining to children and youth. Bill Thomas' How We Teach Jesus combines theological and biblical thinking to develop a thorough lesson plan for any age group, and explores why Christian education matters and can improve your faith community.

How We Teach Jesus is a valuable tool for church leaders and volunteers looking to reignite or begin educational programs within their church; the book offers discussion on planning classes, evaluation of the program, class curriculum, and ways to better communicate with your students, no matter what age they or you are!...More info...

NEW Stories / Sermons for Funerals & Eulogies

Recognizing the power of stories, Richard Zajac wrote this book as a resource to pastors with grievers in mind. The relatable, Christ-centered stories will help the preacher (or eulogizer) make a connection with the family and friends of the deceased.

At the beginning of each chapter is a brief instruction of how the story or illustration that immediately follows might be used in your homily. Then Zajac gives an example of how he used that illustration. The closing illustrations are meant to stand alone, but may well be used to underline an aspect of the deceased’s life that should be underlined or which hadn’t been mentioned earlier in the eulogy.

A helpful Scripture Index is included that also contains suggestions for use....More info...

NEW Cycle A Resources!

New Cycle A Resources

Stewardship Resources

While it's not the most favorite topic of pastors, stewardship is definitely one of the most important jobs of the church. CSS helps ease the pain of talking about money and gifts (financial and spiritual) with a diverse range of practical resources...
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Children's Sermons and Resources

Check out the vast array of children's resources published by CSS Publishing Company. Get the help you need in communicating with the toughest to reach and most important demographic in your congregation.
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Special Occasion Sermons

This collection from David Rogne presents a great opportunity for pastors and congregations to connect faith to their everyday lives. Sermons include:
  • Stewardship Sunday
       Increasing the Joy
  • World Communion Sunday
       Communion by the Sea
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