NEW from Beth A. Olson: Becoming A Makeover Congregation

Pastor Olson shares the story of one of the congregations that she has led into a time of transformation as a model for renewal of ministry and mission. Messiah’s history included ministry during difficult and sometimes tragic times. Pastor Olson brought a message of hope and a pathway through the anxiety and depression. Weaving practical concepts and theologically sound messages of servanthood, this treatise offers an avenue for renewal in congregations facing challenging circumstances....
The Rev. Dr. Steven L. Ullestad
Bishop, Northeastern Iowa Synod, ELCA

NEW from John Krahn: Love — It's the Greatest!

John Krahn’s newest book, Love — It’s the Greatest!, is not a theological treatment of love, but a practical guide to better understand this amazing gift from God. Paul’s wonderful love poem in 1 Corinthians 13 comes alive in all its facets in Krahn’s latest work.

Paul defines the meaning of love for all time. Perhaps the most famous chapter in all of Christian scripture, it is chosen by couples more than any other passage to be read on their wedding day.  A deeper understanding of love leads to stronger relationships of all kinds.1

Stewardship Resources

While it's not the most favorite topic of pastors, stewardship is definitely one of the most important jobs of the church. CSS helps ease the pain of talking about money and gifts (financial and spiritual) with a diverse range of practical resources...
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Children's Sermons and Resources

Check out the vast array of children's resources published by CSS Publishing Company. Get the help you need in communicating with the toughest to reach and most important demographic in your congregation.
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Special Occasion Sermons

This collection from David Rogne presents a great opportunity for pastors and congregations to connect faith to their everyday lives. Sermons include:
  • Stewardship Sunday
       Increasing the Joy
  • World Communion Sunday
       Communion by the Sea
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