Is Anything Too Wonderful For The Lord?
First Lesson Sermons For Sundays After Pentecost (First Third), Cycle A
Leonard W. Mann

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ISBN: 0788012339
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 88
These sermons are written to be preached. They are inspired, practical, and filled with fascinating illustrations that keep members of a congregation listening for more.

Leonard Mann writes that the "... purpose of this small book [is] to examine some preludes to Pentecost. By these God was anciently leading his people into larger places of spirit and mind, giving them insights for living, incentives for growing, ever making them ready ..."

Sermon titles include:
Pentecost: Postscript or Prelude?
The Glory Of Being Human
The Anatomy Of A Journey
Does God Bother About Our Troubles?
Getting A Fix On The Future A Right Use Of Angels
... and more!

Leonard Woodson Mann served as pastor of United Methodist churches for 37 years. Now in retirement, he is involved with special occasion preaching, research and writing. He has written nine books, has been the editor of two volumes, and has been a major contributor to the preaching journal Emphasis. He received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Ohio Northern University and serves as a life member of its Board of Trustees. During his active ministry Mann was senior minister of some of Ohio's largest Methodist congregations.