Affirming The Ash Heap
Lenten Sermons Comparing Jesus And Job
Wallace H. Kirby

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ISBN: 078801546X
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 52
These seven sermons will penetrate the hearts and souls of every listener ... because each one of us has been touched by the tragic side of life. Like Job, everyone sitting in a church pew has at one time or another screamed for a reason why, or even wondered (like Jesus), "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" Including sermons for five Sundays in Lent, along with Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, Kirby's meditations will help worshippers understand the process of coming to grips with these difficult questions.
Dr. Kirby has written a sensitive and thoughtful series of Lenten sermons growing out of his own grief over the illness and death of his wife and the sudden death of his son. He has probed deeply into the relations of human suffering and God's grace. I strongly recommend this book for Lenten reading, especially for those who grieve and for those who minister to the bereaved.

Rt. Rev. Robert L. Ladehoff
Episcopal Bishop, Diocese of Oregon

These sermons, born out of Dr. Kirby's own personal tragedies, are powerful ... The author asks the questions all hurting people ask ... but instead of despair and bitterness one finds the clear message of the Gospel -- God is with us in our agony and hurt ... The set of sermons will be a ministry within itself.
Dr. James M. Efird
Professor of New Testament Theology
Duke University Divinity School

Wallace H. Kirby served as pastor of various United Methodist congregations throughout North Carolina for over 40 years, including a stint as Superintendent of the Durham District. He earned his B.S. degree from the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), his Master of Theology degree from Duke University Divinity School, and was awarded a Doctor of Divinity degree from Methodist College. He has previously published four books with CSS Publishing Company.