Feed My Lambs
A Collection of Children’s Sermons
Debbie Gordon

Price: $23.95

ISBN: 0788028502
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 254
Feed My Lambs is a collection of 103 children's object lessons, written in script form, so that those who desire to give fun and effective sermons will be able to easily prepare the message.

I hope to encourage people who might pick up Feed My Lambs to give children's sermons a try. I think about how I went about it years back. I walked into a Christian bookstore, asked where the children's sermon book section was, picked up a few books, and wondered if I were biting off more than I could chew. I want people to know they can. God will certainly bless them and all the little ones they are trying to help. Jesus said, "Feed My Lambs."

Included in Feed My Lambs:
Index of Seasonal Themes
Notes to the Reader
Index of Bible references
Liturgical calendar suggestions
Chapter-by-Chapter synopsis

Some of the chapter titles in this book are:
Having a Right Relationship with God
Trust in the Lord and His Perfect Plan

Our Sins and Jesus' Forgiveness
Talking with God

Debbie Gordon has been a Lutheran all her life. She graduated from the University of South Carolina with majors in finance and management. Debbie has traveled extensively throughout Europe, especially while living in England several years ago. She is heavily involved with the ladies group at her church, and enjoys working with flowers and plants. Debbie currently resides in Pennsylvania, has been married for 23 years, has four amazing children, and a clever, white standard poodle.

All author royalties for Feed My Lambs will be donated to Focus on the Family.