The Alchemy of Hope
Cycle A Sermons Based on the Second Lesson for Lent and Easter
James Monnett

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ISBN: 0788030604
Size: 6x9
Pages: 98

From the moment we are reminded of our mortality on Ash Wednesday, to the Resurrection of our Lord on Easter, we recognize the love that our Lord has for us, how he sent his own son to die for our sins. James Monnett reminds us that when our life may jump the tracks, Jesus is always with us. Jesus is our shepherd, encouraging us to treat others with kindness and through all our misfortunes, to continue loving those who wrong us.

The Alchemy of Hope discusses how we, the church, as followers of Christ, should strive to reflect the Kingdom of God on Earth. Together, we learn to respect and value one another, following the example of Jesus Christ who was obedient to the will of God, to love others regardless of their actions. He died on the cross for us, just as much as he did to save those who refused to believe, and everyone in between.

This book reminds us that we are all sinful, but we are also children of God, and he will always welcome us to the table. “Jesus sees us all with our broken, sinful lives. Jesus sees us and knows we do not understand love. And Jesus loves us anyway.”

James Monnett has a passion for walking with teenagers and can be found at where he writes on youth ministry, leadership development, and church growth. He has led the redesign of four churches’ youth ministries. His passions include preaching, mission trips, travel, and mountain biking. He holds a Master’s of Divinity from McCormick Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Jim lives with his wife in Ann Arbor, MI. They have one adult daughter.