A Guide for Pastors and Counselors
Bonnie Bates
In Navigating the River of Grief, Rev. Dr. Bonnie Bates shares the results of her important research into the grief process. Her concept of grief as a river is inspired by several biblical references to water, both its ability to threaten and give life.

A Guide For Pastors For Premarital Counseling
Les C. Wicker
This is a comprehensive sourcebook for busy pastors with information on all aspects of wedding preparation -- from premarital counseling sessions to the nuts and bolts of planning the marriage service itself.

Devotions For Couples Preparing For Marriage
Gary W. Fehring
In just nine short devotionals, For This Reason challenges new and experienced marriages with holy scripture, reminding couples that a marriage centered on godly principles always strives for contentment, surrender, sacrifice, forgiveness, and humility.

Strength For Times Of Loss
Lowell O. Erdahl
When someone whom we cared about is suddenly gone from our lives, it can be devastating. The grieving process can stretch over several months. Here is a tested and proven resource for those who need a daily companion during such a time of loss. The a...

Couples In Premarital Preparation
Norma Schweitzer Wood and Lisa M. Leber
One of the important, if often overlooked, tasks of the parish pastor is effective premarital counseling. Since many couples are overwhelmed by the arrangements for their wedding, it can often be difficult to lead them into a realistic and faithful d...

How Seven Christians Faced Death
L. James Harvey and Jackie Harvey
A fascinating ”up close and personal” look at the final days of seven terminally ill Christians, Seven For Heaven is a poignant yet uplifting volume that captures their feelings and experiences as they prepare for a new life in heaven.

A Ten-Session Marriage Enrichment Course For Couples (Student Workbook)
Daryl G. Donovan
God intends for marriage to be one of the most satisfying relationships you will ever experience. Like our relationship with Christ, your relationship with your spouse should be a source of joy, peace, life, and love. But many marriages miss God's plan. The facts are that only about half the couples who go to the altar remain married -- and many of those who do not divorce find themselves in

Devotions For The Alcoholic Christian
Carl Nelson
How does a Christian ever get started on the road to alcoholism?

”Where was God when I begged him not to let me take that next drink?”

How can a Christian cope with the guilt of actions committed ”while under the influence”?

An Intercultural Approach to Pastoral Care and Counseling
Emmanuel Y. Lartey
In his holistic and intercultural re-visioning of pastoral care and counselling, Emmanuel Lartey attempts to capture the complex nature of the interaction between people who have been influenced by different cultures, religions, social contexts, orig

A Guide For Caregivers
George Fitchett
How do pastors, chaplains, and caregivers assess the spiritual well-being and needs of the people they minister to? George Fitchett presents a model for spiritual assessment that he and his colleagues developed, illustrated with case studies. He revi...