A Story of Hope, Renewal & Possibility
Beth A. Olson

The answers are in Becoming a Makeover Congregation, a story that shows how things as diverse as glow sticks for Christmas Eve worship, jumper cables as an image for transformational ministry and a makeover scene from the Disney movie The Princess Diaries can bring about resurrection and renewal. Pastor Olson’s story will equip you to assemble your own makeover for mission and ministry toolkit so you too can celebrate the power of resurrection in your church.

Growing Givers Through Stewardship Letters
Glenn L. Borreson
In his practical and easy-to-follow book Glenn Borreson offers a plan for increasing giving in a congregation through personalized stewardship letters. His example, timeline, and step-by-step procedures will provide an excellent resource for any p...

Accounting And Administrative Guidelines That Promote Church Growth
Arnold Cirtin
Pastors are schooled in theology and ministry, but few receive training in the fine points of church administration. Learning how to handle a congregation's finances "on the job" can be a harrowing experience. Yet efficiently managing your church's b

A Practical Ministry Resource
Allan J. Weenink
It's no secret that because stewardship is often viewed as little more than a euphemism for discussing money and budget matters, it's an uncomfortable topic for many in the ministry. But Allan Weenink makes no apology for his zealous approach to stew

Can The Rich Be Righteous; Can The Righteous Be Rich?
Maurice A. Fetty
Conventional wisdom would tell us that money and religion are mutually exclusive entities. It’s easy to understand why: there’s the popular maxim about money being the ”root of all evil,” as well as Jesus’ admonitions about our inability to serve...

Without Talking About Money
Leon Collier

Here's an innovative way to instill in your congregation the vital importance of generous giving - without having to directly make financial pleas! With this collection of brief offering sentences touching on the themes of giving, offering, a

A Compendium Of Stewardship Resources
CSS Publishing
"This package offers a complete set of resources for year-round planning and execution of a successful stewardship campaign. It includes:

* Best Stewardship Sermons -- Nineteen outstanding meditations on stewardship from preachers of many deno..."

And Other Stewardship Dramas
Jeff Wedge
Cultivating good stewardship is vital for strengthening Christian discipleship -- but helping congregations focus on what that really means can be difficult because many people treat ”stewardship” as nothing more than a pitch for money. Mrs. Jo...

A Stewardship Service For Youth
Cynthia E. Cowen
Christians, Christians, Everywhere, How Do Your Gardens Grow? helps congregations to get the proper focus on stewardship for youth through a suggested order of service to be presented by youth.

Within the service are songs, a skit and