Stories to Capture A Life Well Lived
Richard E. Zajac
Recognizing the power of stories, Richard Zajac wrote this book as a resource to pastors with grievers in mind. The relatable, Christ-centered stories will help the preacher (or eulogizer) make a connection with the family and friends of the deceased.

George Reed, O.S.L.
Reed teaches that the passing of a loved one should not be seen as the end of a life, but rather the beginning of a new chapter in which the deceased has been reborn with God in heaven.

10 Funeral Homilies
Mark R. Powell
In the ten funeral homilies of Inhale Comfort, Exhale Hope! Mark Powell exposes the secrets of a broken world, reminding us that in the midst of the mess and the chaos, God's presence delivers a redeeming hope.

Robert Blair
If you’re looking for a planning resource to help you deal with funerals and weddings, this book is worth its weight in gold. Pastors are repeatedly called on to perform these ceremonies in an infinite variety of circumstances, yet there’s no ”one-si

Wisdom and Musings: Life in a Small Town Funeral Home
Celia M. Hastings
A celebration of life through the lens of a small town funeral home and a woman’’ journey of faith. Written in a James Herriott "All Things Bright and Beautiful" style makes The Undertaker's Wife both engaging and readable just for it's pure story.

Thematic Prayer, Meditation, And Services Of The Word For Christian Burial
Gail Gaymer Martin
It's a difficult time to make decisions when a loved one dies. Yet families must make many choices in a short period of time, including ones about the funeral service itself. Those who are frustrated by the process of selecting Bible texts and themes

The Essential Book of Funeral Resources
Chuck Cammarata, Editor
This comprehensive volume is a must-have resource for every pastor. It contains over 100 sample sermons from preachers across the denominational spectrum, plus a vast array of prayers, scripture readings, and other material for planning and...

Crafting The Funeral Homily
Barbara G. Schmitz
Pastors will receive solid theological and practical assistance with the important task of creating and presenting the funeral homily. Because time is usually limited for meditation creation, they will find invaluable help time and again from this vo

An Anthology
CSS Publishing
This collection of best funeral meditations provides a wide range of messages that address almost every death situation from the anticipated to the tragic. These classic meditations have been gathered from the writings and contributions of pastors, c

Sermons, Prayers, Orders of Service and More
Mark R. Powell, Gail Gaymer Martin and Chuck Cammarata (Editor)
Every situation is different and requires a unique approach to ease the pain those left behind are feeling.  Where do you find the words to help those who mourn?  The usual platitudes are trite and cliché. These funeral resources will guide the pastor who seemingly has to do it all with appropriate and meaningful words and sentiment.