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Reflections on the Scripture for Cycle C
Richard Gribble
What could Bamboo possibly have to do with Lent? There aren't any mentions of bamboo in any of the Gospel stories, is there?

Reflections on the Scriptures for Cycle B
Richard Gribble

The Lenten season is a time to "retune our communication system" in an earnest effort to seek God, holding on to hope no matter the trials that come our way. Though we face struggle and even death, the promise of the Lenten season is new life and a return to the home where we truly belong.

Each lesson in Walking the Journey of Lent: Reflections on the Scriptures for Cycle B is bolstered by opening and closing prayers, contextual scripture and discussion questions.

A Bible Study for Lent
Bill Thomas

Bill Thomas' Surrounded by Grace: A Bible Study for Lent is a tool based on the Gospel of John to help pastors, small groups and congregations answer the question of what grace is in a modern context. From the story of Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana to his conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well, Thomas uses John's words to affirm that the Lord's favor extends to all no matter how insignificant we see ourselves or our problems.

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Reflections on the Scriptures for Cycle A
Richard Gribble
Ideal for groups and individuals, this Lenten Bible study can be a helpful and effective way to reflect upon the scriptures and through this process prepare ourselves better for the greatest of all celebrations, Easter...

Studying The Lives Of 13 Apostles
E. Dale Click
Why did Jesus select the twelve as apostles? What did they accomplish after the resurrection? What happened to them? What can we learn from them?

This resource provides fascinating material for reading and discussion with adult study c

A Study Guide For Young People
Patti Thisted Arthur
This colorful booklet will help fifth graders and other new communicants recognize the mystery and miracle of Holy Communion while celebrating the gift it brings. The contents make a theologically difficult topic more understandable and joyful.

A Small Group Bible Study Of Life's Changes
Steven Molin
Change is an often uncomfortable and disruptive force -- yet nothing is more inevitable than the necessity of adapting to new circumstances. Whether it’s leaving home, moving to a new city, getting married, having children, changing jobs, losing a pa...

A Study Of Burning Bush Experiences
William C. Bartlett
Can you recall events, people, and circumstances which have profoundly affected you? Many people have ”holy moments” -- those times when the Lord seems to reveal himself in a way that alters the direction of life. In this book, William Bartlett encou...

Another Look At The Suffering, Death, And Resurrection Of The Lord
Ron Lavin
People Who Met Jesus is a book that will command the undivided attention of readers who yearn to know more of the significance of their relationship to the risen Lord. By delving in depth into the words and experiences of both well-known an

Another Look At The Lord's Prayer
Ron Lavin
The Lord's Prayer is undoubtedly the world's most well-known litany of petition and praise -- yet it is precisely because of its familiarity that we often recite it by rote and lose the power and depth of its spiritual yearnings. In this latest insta