Why Mark?
The Politics of Resurrection in the First Gospel — Revised Edition
David E. Wiley, III

Price: $29.95

ISBN: 0788030663
Size: 6x9
Pages: 264

In this expanded and revised edition of Why Mark? David E. Wiley, III invites readers to delve deeper into the gospel of Mark, unlocking new layers of understanding and insight into the life, message, and resurrection of Jesus. Wiley's critical exploration challenges readers to re-examine perspectives on the first gospel writer and early followers of Jesus.

Wiley substantiates arguments with footnotes, aiding and guiding newcomers through further exploration of the first Gospel. New material addresses the birth of Jesus, potential Gnostic influence, and corrections to errors from the first edition.

Relocated chapters on Mark's treatment of resurrection appearances offer a refined narrative flow. A new section explores the priority of Mark, methodically comparing it with Matthew and Luke to provide a unique and insightful perspective. Why Mark? The Politics of Resurrection in the First Gospel — Second Edition is an indispensable resource for pastors, small groups, and thoughtful believers unafraid to tackle profound questions, offering a compelling journey into the heart of Mark's gospel.

David E. Wiley, III pastored churches in New York and New Jersey for thirty plus years. Wiley received his M.Div. and D.Min. from Drew Theological Seminary and is now retired from the United Methodist church. Dave enjoys his family and golfing in retirement.