Stories Connecting Scripture to Everyday Life
Timothy E. Healy

The word "homily" comes from the Greek word meaning conversation. The stories in Tales For The Masses: Stories Connecting Scripture To Everyday Life largely contain dialogue - realistic conversations between family members, co-workers and neighbors of all ages. Here is a new collection of previously unpublished stories that connect Scripture to contemporary, everyday life. Tim writes for the parishioner who's wondering "Why should I listen to you?" by imparting stories to which the parishioner can easily relate. Someone may ask you, "Who told you about me, anyway?" after hearing a homily or sermon with one of these stories in it. In this way, the Scripture message can be seen as relevant to all generations. In this book, author Tim Healy provides homilists and educators material they can use for their own reflection, to help people connect Scripture with what goes on in normal life, and to get people excited about worship because its relevance has been made transparent.

Fifteen Eye-Opening Stories from the Bible (Revised)
James McKarns

Story Sermons Of God's Grace
David O. Bales
If over the centuries Christians have become used to sermons being a string of assertions, explanations, or exhortations -- with a sprinkling of stories as illustrations -- the sermons have not been preached in a manner consistent with how the...

Scripture Stories For Reflection
Andre Papineau
* Mary greets a stranger at her door one afternoon, a man in a white suit with a red pocket handkerchief who calls himself ”Gabe.” He tells Mary that ”Mr. G.” sent him, and that ”Mr. G.” has something special in mind for her ...
* Zechar

New Mercies I See
Stan Purdum
In New Mercies I See, Stan Purdum does for the ministry what James Herriot did for veterinary medicine in All Creatures Great and Small. Set in rural Ohio churches, Stan's stories are humorous, poignant, thought-provoking, pathos

Sports Anecdotes For Preachers
Richard A. Hasler
God’s Game Plan will add color, warmth, humor, and imagination to any preacher’s message. Its anecdotes can be used by anyone who seeks to interpret more effectively the Good News in our day.

The book includes over 75 sports anecdotes

Twelve Short Stories Based On New Testament Parables
Merle G. Franke
”I would like to withdraw the money from my trust fund, Momma all of it,” she announced rather tentatively. She wasn’t too concerned what her mother would say, but she knew her sister would once again act the role of stern maiden aunt. She was right.

A Study In Christian Decision Making
John E. Sumwalt and Jo Perry-Sumwalt
In this ”post-literate,” TV generation, many have come to realize that the art and act of storytelling is the most lucid, and therefore, most effective way to communicate a message. Creating images in others’ minds has become crucial. Most of us thin...

True Life Stories from an Imaginary Town (Revised)
Michael Pearson
Looking for delightful and heartwarming stories that present familiar spiritual truths in new and delightful ways? Then you'll definitely enjoy this collection of brief parables in the form of humorous letters sent to Pastor Mike from a fictional parishioner. The letters chronicle a five-year time frame in the life of the small town of "Maybe,"