Finding The Joy In Ministry (And In Yourself)
Donald H. Neidigk
Don Neidigk's stories of facing the realities of life with an overcoming confidence help us rise up and, as one indomitable woman says in the book, "Make it a good day." — Marshall Shelley, Denver Seminary

John Krahn
What has happened to love?
Do we see that in American culture today?

More often, we see anger, vitriol, even hatred between opposing parties, often across political lines. But in Paul's wonderful love poem in 1 Corinthians 13, we find just the prescription an often loveless modern society needs, because llove – it's the greatest!

Full of wonderful true stories, examples from daily life, and thought-provoking questions, this book makes great sermon material, especially for weddings; devotional reading; or small group study for Christians seeking a better understanding of this much used but not fully comprehended concept of love.

A Brief Introduction and Devotional Guide to the Psalms
Robert G. Beckstrand
The Psalms are an essential element of corporate worship and devotional life -- but Robert Beckstrand believes that many Christians would profit immensely by spending more time with these ancient hymns and the deep well of comfort and wisdom they contain. Indeed, the Psalms are a marvelous spiritual

Lectionary Devotional for Cycle A
Stephen P. McCutchan
We can all use nourishment to sustain us on our spiritual journey, and there's no better source to get a refreshing drink from than God's Word. In these pages, Stephen McCutchan helps you draw from that endless well with a complete set of theological reflections based on scripture texts from Cycle A of the Revised Common Lectionary. His

Personal Reflections For Pastors On The Lectionary Readings
William W. Helland

This collection of devotionals opens up the scriptures and serves a meal that nurtures the life with God. Helland is well acquainted with the needs of pastors, and through these pages he serves as a pastor's pastor. The book has the added

Lectionary Devotional for Cycle B
Stephen P. McCutchan
We all need sustenance for our spiritual journey, and there's no better source of nourishment than reading God's Word. In these pages, McCutchan helps you fill your cup with a refreshing drink from the Almighty's streams of living water. complete set of meditations, based on scripture texts from Cycle B of the Revised Common Lectionary, guides you

A Flight Plan For Being An Effective And Faithful Pastor
Jerry L. Schmalenberger
This book is for all pastors. It will help new pastors get a good start in their ministry. It will provide new ideas and vision for any pastor's ministry.

Plane Thoughts On Parish Ministry evolved over a period of several years. As the

Lectionary Devotional for Cycle C
Stephen P. McCutchan
This volume is perfect for use as a daily devotional - five easy-to-follow formats for personal meditation are included, allowing you to combine prayer time with reading one of the week's scripture texts and its accompanying commentary. It's also a valuable reference for sermon preparation, as well as an excellent curriculum for adult classes integrating Bible study with Sunday worship. Water from the Rock is an inspirational resource that will strengthen your connection with the divine story and your ability to hear God's voice speaking through scripture.

Identity, Challenges, and Spirituality of Lay Ministers
Greg Dues and Barbara Walkley
Today men and women of all ages and all walks of life are drawn to service in the church, but many question where they should begin. This book helps answer many of those questions, like: What is parish ministry? How and why did it develop? What sp...