Volume 1 & 2 — 26 Sermons Based on the Gospel of Luke
Robert Blair
Luke Alive, Volume 1 & 2 guides ministers through our deepest of Christian fears and desires, and offers satisfying answers based firmly in scripture. It is a must-have volume for pastors seeking to answer direct questions with plain language, whether from the pulpit or the living room couch.

Preaching the Book of Revelation In Mainline Churches Today
Rolf D. Svanoe
Because Revelation is often misunderstood in the media, Svanoe goal with this volume is “providing a resource for preachers to engage the latest research and insights into Revelation.”

Looking Again at the Parables of Jesus
Willam Powell Tuck
There are so many books of sermons on the parables. I have almost twenty just on my shelf! Could preachers and laypeople need another one? The answer is “Yes” when it is William P. Tuck’s Stories that Continue to Speak to Us Today... — Ronald J. Allen, Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis.

Preaching From The Not-So-Minor Prophets
Alex Gondola
Alex Gondola provides a rare glimpse into the lives of the minor prophets, reminding us of God's consistent commands of love, justice, and repentance.

Bible Animal Object Lessons
Samuel J. Hahn
The Bible is filled with fascinating and intriguing references to birds, animals, and insects. This wonderfully illustrated resource discusses 25 of the most significant animals in the Bible using scriptural references and scientific research. Each m

Further Connections Of Scripture To The Human Experience
Richard E. Zajac
Life Injections II shows how the scriptures can provide help, comfort, and insight into life's problems. Father Richard Zajac's heartfelt and thought-provoking messages draw inspiration from many sources, including his extensive hospita

Ten Selected Women Of The Bible
Robert L. Allen
The stories of women throughout the Bible are among the most remarkable in all of literature. Many of these women have inspired faith and been shining examples of God’s place in our lives. In a set of captivating and thought-provoking sermons, Robert

A Prescription For Positive Living
Robert R. Kopp
God's Top Ten List approaches the Ten Commandments not as a list of do's and don'ts, but rather as a path toward personal peace and social renewal. In messages liberally sprinkled with gripping illustrations, Robert Kopp explores the ti

Preaching On Biblical Personalities
John R. Bodo
When the problem of what to preach next Sunday raises its frowning head, solve it by calling on one of the hundreds of biblical characters standing in line at your study door, nearly beating it down with their clamorous ”Take me! Take me!

A Narrative Approach
Richard A. Jensen
Preachers and Bible teachers will find this book helpful in guiding them to be biblical storytellers. Testimonies to the value of Dr. Richard Jensen's book have been numerous and include the following:

Rather than preach about the biblica