Series VII, For Cycle B
This book is useful as sermon illustrations, stand alone sermons, teaching aides, personal devotions, or even just for entertaining reading, Lectionary Tales will draw you into new worlds with vibrant and engaging images, deepening your relationship with God in the process.

True Accounts Of Visions, Angels, And Healing Miracles (Cycle B)
John E. Sumwalt, Editor
* What if Moses had never told anyone about the burning bush?
* What if Paul had kept quiet about his experience on the road to Damascus?
* What if John had never written a word of what he saw during his exile on Patmos?

Series IV, Cycle B
Gregory L. Tolle
Jesus was a master storyteller, and his preaching was filled with parables because he knew his listeners would relate to them -- and therefore connect with his message. Likewise, insightful and well-told stories are an essential element of the contemporary preacher's toolbox; they are invariably what people remember long after the sermon is over. If you're looking for a collection of fresh,

A Narrative Approach
Richard A. Jensen
In a classic case of failing to see the forest for the trees, Jensen, a homiletics professor and author of two works on narrative preaching, says that preachers tend to analyze biblical books to glean the slightest bits of exegetical data, yet miss t

Series VI, Cycle B
David E. Leininger
Whether used for relaxed devotional reading or as a source of stimulating sermon illustrations, this installment of CSS' popular Lectionary Tales for the Pulpit series is certain to enrich your spiritual life. David Leininger takes you right to the heart of the scriptures with imaginative and inspirational stories based on Cycle B lectionary texts. His thought-provoking reflections

Series II, Cycle B
Constance Berg
Everyone remembers and enjoys a good story -- and heartfelt stories touch us in ways nothing else can. Jesus used stories or parables to emphasize his points and lead his listeners to look at themselves and examine their motivations.

This collection of stories illustrating biblical passages from Cycle B of the Revised Common

62 Stories For Cycle B
John E. Sumwalt and Jo Perry-Sumwalt
Stories to help the preacher touch the hearts of adults ... children ... to evoke laughter and tears with an ironic twist or a surprise ending ...

John Sumwalt's stories are a treat-the Gospel comes alive in common life and in regular peop

Forty Tellable Tales For Cycle B
John E. Sumwalt
All these stories will touch the heart; some will evoke laughter and tears.

Here is a collection of 40 stories, each simple and to the point. They are based on lectionary cycle B. The stories examine basic theological and moral questions.

Series II, Cycle B
Peter Andrew Smith

These are the simple, quiet vignettes Smith offers in his third collection of stories.Lectionary Stories for Preaching and Teaching: Series II, Cycle Bis inspired by the details Jesus draws from everyday life in the Gospel of Mark. Likewise, Smith delves into the ordinary to explore the extraordinary power of the Holy Spirit alive from moment to moment today.

Lectionary Stories for Preaching and Teaching is an accessible collection of stories ideal for inviting both experienced disciples and those young in the Christian faith alike to discover the Lord yet at work where and when we least expect Him.