Natividad Briones
This five-copy package of coloring books for young children is based on imagery from A ”Beastly” Christmas (also available from CSS Publishing).

Centering around the theme of the familiar song ”The Friendly Beasts,” A ”Be

52 Children's Object Lessons
Kenneth A. Mortonson
His [Kenneth A. Mortonson] children's sermons are characterized by imagination, clarity, variety, interesting-ness and faithfulness to the intent of Holy Scripture.... It is a valuable contribution to a special homiletical art.
From the Pr

A Children's Bible Study
Cathy Liening
The Holy Bible is a precious resource, one that can speak to us in any circumstance of life. However, we do not always have a Bible in front of us. That is where Bible memorization can help us. But where do we begin?

B.I.B.L.E. -- Be Involved Bible Learners Everyone is a Bible study program, including children's sermons, that

Book 3: Dreamers, Feelings, Hands, Numbers
Susan E. Babler
Look It Up — in the Bible — Book 3
is the final installment in this trilogy for getting children interested in the scriptures, so their Bibles get used rather than collecting dust on the shelf. Structured in a convenient format that stimulates curiosity, this volume

A Christmas Pageant
Barney Schroeder
How does Christ come?

Christ comes in Covenant
Christ comes Hidden
Christ comes as Royalty
Christ comes as an Inferior
Christ comes for Sinners
Christ's coming is Timely
Christ comes in many surprising ways!


A Children's Curriculum For Understanding Disabilities
Disabilities In Ministry Committee of the North Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church
This series of thirteen lessons will help children learn to respect persons with disabilities and treat them with compassion. Stories, skits, games, and role-playing will teach them that God loves each person individually, no matter how different the

Two Christmas Pageants
Mary Jane Mulder and Dick Coyle
Here are two delightful Christmas plays for a special celebration with your parish's children, youth, and adults.

The Night Love Was Born by Mary Jane Mulder is a contemporary re-enactment, in word and song, of the first Christmas stor

Judy Gattis-Smith
In this collection of twelve liturgies, Judy Gattis Smith not only invites the young worshiper into a deeper faith with Jesus, but she also reminds the seasoned worshiper that praise and adoration should be pure and expectant.

Biblical Interpretations of Suffering
Daniel J. Simundson
Daniel Simundson shows how the Bible can speak to the universal human experience of suffering. He examines various biblical responses to suffering and explains what the New Testament can add to the thought of such classic works as the books of Job, E...

Monologues and Children's Lessons for Advent and Christmas
Edward G. Hunter

Jesus Reflects is a book of eight dramatic monologues on the Advent/Christmas theme, coupled with a children's sermon with each monologue. The series begins with Thanksgiving and concludes with Epiphany Sunday.