Robert E. Obach and Albert Kirk
Luke intended to provide an ”orderly account” of the words and deeds of Jesus. Yet the Third Gospel is much more than an historical record; it is a living word addressed to both first century believers and the contemporary followers of Jesus. This co...

Invitations To The Kingdom Of Heaven
John A. Terry
This captivating sermon collection explores the many blessings that we receive from God in our lifetimes through our experiences of both sorrow and joy. Terry's brilliantly illustrated sermons will empower those in need with the confidence to conquer

Verse by Verse Through the Sermon on the Mount
Stephen M. Crotts
Are you tired of going with the flow of the rest of the world? Do you want to stand out from the crowd and be counter-cultural, perhaps even revolutionary? While this may seem to be a tall order to many of us, the blueprints for personal and cultural change have been with us for centuries in the words of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

The Mystique Of Prayer & Pray-er
George K. Bowers
Prayers of Kierkegeaard never before translated into English with special permission of the Det kongelige Bibliotek, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Translated by Lois S. Bowers and Edited by George K. Bowers

Here, for the first time in English tran

Sermons on 10 Who Jesus Touched
Gordon Pratt Baker
”His name was Jesus, and his cause was humanity. It was a cause Jesus did not have to meet alone. There was a cloud of witnesses to bear him out.” (from the Introduction)

Gordon Pratt Baker offers ”cameos of 10 who testified...

Familiar Expressions From The Bible
Ellis DillardThompson
... the apple of my eye ...
... the blind leading the blind ...
... a bottomless pit ...
... by the skin of my teeth ...
... carved in stone ...
... a drop in the bucket
... going to the dogs ...
... a millstone around one

Reflections On The Ten Commandments
Robert G. Tuttle
Suppose you are flying alone at night. It is stormy and you are lost. Your fuel is running low.... You are about to give up when suddenly there is a break in the clouds and there below you is a narrow string of lights. A place to land! Thank God! Wou

Adult Bible Study And Sermon Resource
Peter C. Garrison
”It seems people don’t get along easily with God. That’s true in the Bible and true out of the Bible in today’s world,” writes Peter C. Garrison. ”That’s why I wrote this book: to help people understand that God understands and is patient with us.” <

Sermons On The Lord's Prayer
Thomas C. Short
Churchgoers often find that the Lord's Prayer is so familiar, they have somewhat dismissed it and its deeper meaning. Packed with gripping illustrations and fresh insights, this series of seven sermons will be both informational and inspirational.