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Seeking Truth and Balance In Religion and Politics
Thomas Lentz

The Faith of a Skeptic explores the diverse ways in which truth is perceived. Skepticism reminds us that the search for truth is not the same as the search for certainty. Firmly held beliefs can misguide us and impede our acceptance of new information. In Greek philosophy belief was a lower form of knowledge. The book has received praise from a wide audience.

Seeking a Healthy Sexuality in a World of Power and Control
Rev. James Lex, Ed.D., With Ann M. Ennis
An honest story of one man's life in the Roman Catholic priesthood. This is a book that challenges all of those on either side who claim to have a corner on the Truth.

Through this candid and challenging look at celibacy, Father James Lex pr

How And Why We Worship
Dennis R. Fakes
”I love this church and its liturgy and know that something very valuable is weekly unappreciated by millions of us.” That ”something” in the author’s preface is the Lutheran liturgy.

Understanding that liturgy is ”the work of the people in w...

For Inquiring Believers
R. Robert Cueni
How do we reconcile basic Christian theology with modern life? In today’s church, more people are apt to come to church spiritually hungry, but theologically uninformed. And, Robert Cueni notes, many are no longer content with being told, ”Memorize t...

Obligation, Liberation, And Contemporary Christian Conflicts
Henry G. Brinton
Henry Brinton identifies the social and political phenomenon of our time -- the increasing tendency of people to live and worship in like-minded communities. Not only does Brinton explain the theological basis for this ideological segregation, but

Answers To Our Most Troubling Questions
Charles D. Reeb
In Seven Wonders Of The Faith, Charles Reeb addresses some of the most burning questions that people in the pews are asking -- about issues that often become stumbling blocks to faith. He offers scripture-based answers that will enrich

Using The Catechism In The 21st Century
James A. Lucas
"Every pastor, catechism teacher, and serious student of the catechism will want to have a copy of this valuable resource in his or her library.
This volume may serve as a ...
* sermon series for pastors
* devotional for members of the par"

More Devotions for Moms
Michelle Waters

There's nothing like seeing a rainbow after a particularly stormy time. It reminds us of the promises of God and of his steadfast love -- even for harried moms. To be a mother often means being able to see through the clouds of life that threaten to overshadow God's abundant grace and mercy and beholding the promise of God's rainbow. The devotions in Through the Clouds, each accompanied by a scripture verse and a prayer, are a perfect resource for busy moms who need to take a few quiet moments each day with the Lord. These brief meditations will encourage them to see the rainbows and remember God's promises -- no matter how much laundry is waiting!

Information Talks for Visitors
E. Dale Click
Here an experienced evangelist offers a detailed account of how he introduced the Christian faith to unchurched seekers.
H. George Anderson, former Presiding Bishop
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

E. Dale Click has produced a book which is timely in its focus and creative in its execution. Designed as a series of five TALKS to be given to visitors inquiring into the beliefs and practices of the Christian, and especially

Three Years Of Sunday School Lessons From The Old And New Testaments
Jamie G. Kaufman
”I am convinced that the best curriculum for the church is that which is shaped and fashioned by each teacher, in local, specific contexts, through interaction with the local pastor(s), other teachers in the community, and the students themselves.