Finding Our Roots in Genesis and Exodus
Rolf D. Svanoe
I found that I Love To Preach The Story helps to fill in the gap of up-to-date aids for preaching. The author knows how to preach, and keeps these sermons well-grounded and also solidly rooted in the Bible. I recommend it! — Dr. James Limburg, Professor Emeritus, Old Testament, Luther Seminary

Cycle A Sermons Based on the Gospel Texts for Pentecost through Proper 16
David Kalas
By taking a closer look at Jesus’ ministry and observing how the Spirit helped Jesus and the disciples spread God's word, we can further understand how the Spirit works in our lives, seeking out those who long to satisfy their thirst of the Spirit.

Cycle A Sermons Based on the Gospel Texts for Proper 17 through Thanksgiving
Peter Andrew Smith
Just as we have been given grace through God, which we ultimately don’t deserve, we are called to give of ourselves to others, helping where we can and sharing the grace of God with the world around us to prepare for the coming of the Kingdom of God.

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Sermons for the Season After Pentecost Based on Gospel Texts
William G. Carter, Steven Molin
These Gospel sermons are great for illustrations and will generate new ideas for your own sermons. This package is a great way to start off your sermon writing for the rest of Cycle A.

Cycle A
Tom M. Garrison, Kristen Borsgard Wee, David G. Rogne
Sermons for the Season after Pentecost, Cycle A (2014)

Sermons for Pentecost Sunday Through Proper 14 Based On the Gospel Texts For Cycle A
Tom M. Garrison
The Word in Other Words presents a beautiful collection of thoughts and experiences, ushering the reader into a closer examination of their walk with God. Too often we forget that the significance of Easter is its ability to deliver a future, saving us from the past and the present with its offer of redemptive hope. As Reverend Dr. Tom Garrison urges the Christ follower to surrender despair and exchange it for hope, he boldly calls us to pursue lives filled with gratitude, risk, and faithfulness -- lives centered on a future that is only possible because of the cross and an empty grave. The Word in Other Words confidently encourages us to follow Jesus, reminding us that he is the only one who can carry our burdens and mend our brokenness.

Sermons for Proper 24 through Thanksgiving Based on the Gospel Texts
David G. Rogne
David Rogne combines over fifty years of personal scholarship and reflection in All About the Kingdom, a collection of Cycle A sermons for the last third of the Season of Pentecost, with a predominant message on the ever-present reality of the kingdom of God. Rogne's refreshing commitment to the authority of scripture creates relevant reflections on the teachings of Jesus that can be used by anyone who wants to better understand the calling of Christ.

Cycle A Sermons for Proper 15 Through Proper 23 Based on the Gospel Texts
Kristen Borsgard Wee
The sermons in To Drown Hell and Burn Heaven beautifully illustrate the ability of holy language to change lives. With a lyrical voice, Kristin Borsgard Wee challenges the reader to look beyond the text in order to allow the ancient idea of a transforming "white fire" to move us and to equip us in our faith.

Gospel Sermons For Sundays After Pentecost (First Third), Cycle A
Schuyler Rhodes
In a time of divisiveness, of poverty, oppression, and war, the messages of Schuyler Rhodes send a clarion call for renewal in the church. Like the apostles on Pentecost, Rhodes offers words that comfort and provoke; words that empower and give us vi

Gospel Sermons For Sundays After Pentecost (Middle Third), Cycle A
Marilyn Saure Breckenridge
The lectionary passages from the Gospel of Matthew for the middle section of the Pentecost season raise many difficult questions of faith for modern Christians. In eleven eloquent and well-illustrated messages, Marilyn Saure Breckenridge examines the