Series I, Cycle A
John T. Ball, Bill Mosley, James L. Killen, Jr., Arley K. Fadness, and Charles Aaron
Bring the Old Testament to life with this inspiring and thought-provoking collection of sermons for each Sunday and major celebration in the Church year. Based on the First Readings from Cycle A of the Revised Common Lectionary, these powerful messages by five exceptional preachers from diverse denominations explore the meaning of the Hebrew scriptures for today's Christian living. Abundant insights

First Lesson Sermons For Sundays After Pentecost (Middle Third), Cycle C
John W. Wurster
Since much of the prophetic literature of the Old Testament is distant and difficult, preachers often neglect it in favor of more direct and easy-to-preach New Testament passages. But John Wurster maintains that for those willing to look a little mor

Second Lesson Sermons For Sundays After Pentecost (First Third), Cycle A
Gary L. Carver
Packed full of stories about the human condition, this book of insightful sermons based largely on texts from Paul’s letter to the Romans will be invaluable to preachers, teachers, and laypersons. Readers will serendipitously find marvelous results w...

Communion Prayers for the Church Year and Pastoral Occasions
Peter Andrew Smith
Make your celebration of the Lord's Supper flow together with music and other liturgical elements with this stimulating collection of communion prayers. Peter Andrew Smith incorporates imagery and themes from lectionary scripture texts, church seasons, and special pastoral

Series II, Cycle A
Tony S. Everett, Schuyler Rhodes, Stan Purdum, David J. Kalas, Timothy J. Smith
Modern life presents many difficult and challenging situations -- but as the Hebrew scriptures tell us in rich detail, that's nothing new for God's people. Indeed, the Bible shares the epic story of how God's faithful followers were formed and shaped through centuries of trial by fire.

Series II, Cycle A
John N. Brittain, David O. Bales, Steven E. Albertin, Larry Lange, Mary S. Lautensleger
The New Testament epistles are much more than just a historical record of the early church -- they are also the heart and center of Christian proclamation, helping us to clearly understand how the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is part of God's cosmic plan of salvation. In

Cycle C Sermons for Lent and Easter Based on the Gospel Texts
R. Robert Cueni
R. Robert Cueni brilliantly draws from over four decades of pastoral experience, blending a deep knowledge of historical events with beautifully written text as he invites the reader to consider how to live out a life of genuine faith.

Second Lesson Sermons For Lent/Easter, Cycle B
John Stroman
These sermons lift up the themes of suffering, reconciliation, and the unmerited goodness of God extended to all through Jesus Christ. Stroman never loses sight of the kerygma in his tightly packed messages. He addresses a world where hatred and viol

Series III, Cycle C
Cynthia E. Cowen, Frank Ramirez, Arley K. Fadness, Rick McCracken-Bennett, Scott Bryte

Series III, Cycle C
Richard Gribble CSC, Steven E. Albertin, April Yamasaki, Charles L Aaron Jr., Scott Suskovic