Stories Connecting Scripture to Everyday Life
Timothy E. Healy

The word "homily" comes from the Greek word meaning conversation. The stories in Tales For The Masses: Stories Connecting Scripture To Everyday Life largely contain dialogue - realistic conversations between family members, co-workers and neighbors of all ages. Here is a new collection of previously unpublished stories that connect Scripture to contemporary, everyday life. Tim writes for the parishioner who's wondering "Why should I listen to you?" by imparting stories to which the parishioner can easily relate. Someone may ask you, "Who told you about me, anyway?" after hearing a homily or sermon with one of these stories in it. In this way, the Scripture message can be seen as relevant to all generations. In this book, author Tim Healy provides homilists and educators material they can use for their own reflection, to help people connect Scripture with what goes on in normal life, and to get people excited about worship because its relevance has been made transparent.

Stories of Hope for Preaching and Teaching In a Graceless World
John Pennington
Through various stories and examples, Pennington proves how grace is always active in our world; we just need to open our eyes to recognize and accept it. Those with grace should be willing to grant it to others, especially in their hardest hours.

60-Second Stories That Speak of Life and Faith
Gary L. Carver
Great for sermon illustrations, Carver’s one-minute messages remind us what it means to follow God and to understand what Jesus’ sacrifice means for each of us.

Monologues of Mothers In the Genealogy of Jesus and Other Women of Strong Faith
Lanelle Johnson
Faith of Our Mothers is a unique approach to well-known stories, helping to bring biblical characters to life before our eyes. This book contains many monologues that portray biblical women who went above the expectations of the day, eager to teach others about the love of God.

Stories to Capture A Life Well Lived
Richard E. Zajac
Recognizing the power of stories, Richard Zajac wrote this book as a resource to pastors with grievers in mind. The relatable, Christ-centered stories will help the preacher (or eulogizer) make a connection with the family and friends of the deceased.

Stories connecting Scripture to Everyday Life
Timothy Healy
This collection of stories, poems and parables helps to answer many of the questions that people of faith always ponder: “Where was God?” “Why did God let this happen to me?” Some of the included homilies recognize and address the feeling of worry that occurs in everyday life, strengthened by Healy’s experience as a hospital chaplain.

Tales For The Masses and More Tales For The Masses
Timothy Healy
This 2-book collection of stories, poems and parables helps answer many of the questions that people of faith ponder...

Selected Lectionary Stories for Cycle A, B and C from StoryShare
David O. Bales
Covering Cycles A, B, and C, this book is great for preaching and teaching. This compilation of stories (or story sermons) will help preachers and teachers looking for good illustrations that will help shed new light on familiar lectionary scriptures.

Fifteen Eye-Opening Stories from the Bible (Revised)
James McKarns

Stories Told Through Advent & Christmas
Rich Reifsnyder

Surprised by Christmas is an excellent resource for clergy and their congregations, as well as other interested readers of Christmas stories. They may also be used in community organizations and workshops.