John Krahn
What has happened to love?
Do we see that in American culture today?

More often, we see anger, vitriol, even hatred between opposing parties, often across political lines. But in Paul's wonderful love poem in 1 Corinthians 13, we find just the prescription an often loveless modern society needs, because llove – it's the greatest!

Full of wonderful true stories, examples from daily life, and thought-provoking questions, this book makes great sermon material, especially for weddings; devotional reading; or small group study for Christians seeking a better understanding of this much used but not fully comprehended concept of love.

The Politics of Resurrection in the First Gospel — Revised Edition
David E. Wiley, III
In this expanded and revised edition of Why Mark? David E. Wiley, III invites readers to delve deeper into the gospel of Mark, unlocking new layers of understanding and insight into the life, message, and resurrection of Jesus. Wiley's critical exploration challenges readers to re-examine perspectives on the first gospel writer and early followers of Jesus.

Inserts For Learning And Inspiration
Dale R. Bowne
In today’s world where so much happens either quickly or not at all, how can churchpeople who feel pressed for time learn about the Bible? Bible Bulletin is an outstanding resource that you can use to provide significant amounts of Bibl...

52 Bible Study Sessions
Robert D. Prescott-Ezickson
”I read the Bible, but I don’t get anything out of it.” ”I want to know what the Bible says, but I need a guide to understand it.” ”I just don’t have time to read the whole Bible, but I want to know its message for me.” If any of these stateme...

A Reader's Guide To The Book Of Revelation
Dean J. Piper
With the millennium and prophetic pronouncements about the Second Coming fast approaching, Piper provides a well-crafted examination of one of the most misunderstood books of the Bible, guiding readers through Revelation and offering ”Points to Ponde...

A Study Of Six New Testament Women (Includes Leader's Notes)
Cindy Bailey
Cindy Bailey believes that many women allow shame and embarrassment to cripple their walk with Christ. She has witnessed women who seem to feel that they aren’t qualified or ”good enough” to use their God-given talents. No Shame refutes

Signs In The Miracles Of John's Gospel
Forrest Chaffee

Finding and using apt illustrations to enhance a sermon or Bible study is a fine art. In this book, Forrest Chaffee proves himself a master at this endeavor. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to plumb the depths of some of the

The Proven Path to Be Forgiving and Forgiven
James Ayers
When we carry deep hurts by others, when we harbor resentment, revenge, jealousy, anger, and hateful attitudes, when we are unwilling to give or to receive forgiveness, we are positioning ourselves for agonizing problems and a host of potential personal illnesses. Whereas forgiveness is a key that opens the door to avenues of good health and a more satisfying life, unforgiveness keeps the door locked on a self-imposed, critical, unbending, legalistic, I-know-I'm-right outlook on life. The truth is that forgiveness blesses the giver more than it benefits the receiver. (from the Introduction)

A Brief Introduction and Devotional Guide to the Psalms
Robert G. Beckstrand
The Psalms are an essential element of corporate worship and devotional life -- but Robert Beckstrand believes that many Christians would profit immensely by spending more time with these ancient hymns and the deep well of comfort and wisdom they contain. Indeed, the Psalms are a marvelous spiritual

A Commitment To Encounter Christ Through The Gospel Of John
Richard F. Bansemer
Here is a book of commentary and prayers based on the Gospel of John, the most intimate gospel of them all, written by one who was next to Jesus at the Lord's Supper, the only disciple with Jesus at the cross, and the one given the commission to care